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60 Parsecs! APK is a fascinating survival game from the well-known author Robot Gentleman on the mobile system. In the game, regardless of what character you play, your just task is to follow the instructions to survive in the just spaceship left when the globe is destroyed.
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May 13, 2021
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60 Parsecs! APK is a fascinating survival game from the well-known author Robot Gentleman on the mobile system. In the game, regardless of what character you play, your just task is to follow the instructions to survive in the just spaceship left when the globe is destroyed.

Present about 60 Parsecs!

The Planet is gone and you are floating in space, what’s the way for life?

The graphics are good, the plot is also better

You’ll be mesmerized by the artful 2D graphics most likely filled with American cartoons characteristic of the 80s such as Mickey Computer mouse, Tin Tin traveler, Lucky Luke… The graphics in 60 Parsecs! are also fragile, colorful and a lot wit such as in the 80s. A globe of enjoyable, exciting, energised but extremely “crazy” extends before your eyes. And the enjoyable formally began in such an excited state of mind.

In 60 Parsecs!, there are 6 main personalities of the crew:

  • Baby Bronco: a fat, high and muscle, very take on and helpful guy.
  • Deedee Dawking: a pretty young woman in a spaceship that is nimble, wise, and skillful.
  • Emmet Ellis: big-brained guy.
  • Maegan Mann: the old woman of the spaceship.
  • April Angella: calm and clever black young lady.
  • Tom Thompson: classic awkward man.

All 6 are participants of the AstroCitizens program, a NASA program that sends out people right into space. While members’ lives were going quietly inning accordance with the program’s plan, a catastrophe came. The planet, their homeland, is destroyed because of an awful nuclear war. And much more frightening, the team learns that there’s a nuclear missile goinged straight to their space station. Currently everyone has exactly 60 seconds to collect all the necessary possessions and items to escape from the space station before being blown up.

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Tasks will come with life

Your task is to complete those 60 seconds, and at the same time, you along with everybody transfer to another space station, continue to survive here until they land on a brand-new planet, where they’ll continue to survive for a more persistent and long-lasting presence.

And the characters’ 60-second story is simply the beginning of a long story that you will slowly discover in the game. Briefly, I split it right into 3 sections: the first section is 60 seconds of life and death. Complied with by twenty days of floating on another space station. After that complied with a long collection of days on an unusual planet. In all, you need to survive first.

The variability in 60 Parsecs!

The game will let you land on not one but 3 strange planets: Mootopia, Robotofu, and Phobonos.

Mootopia is a yellow planet, with no sprinkle, no food, just desert, this is a completely dead planet. You’ll also slowly discover that this place once had life and a great populace. They have transferred to the skies to live but still want to maintain their home planet as a back-up, so they have set up a desert setting so that no one can come and inhabit their homeland.

Robotofu is a grey planet, extremely overcast, although there’s no sign of life, there’s a lot of task on the planet’s surface. In truth, this is the planet of the Robot. In purchase to no much longer experience the disaster of suicidal war, the robotics have reprogrammed themselves to be more mild. So, when you land, do not touch any robot or you’ll bring your body to death.

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Phobonos is the just living planet in the game. But everything is very severe and wacky. Tornados and battles cover this planet. The people are also cold-blooded and equally cunning, they can sell you out at any time. If you are lucky, you will make friends with good people, and they’ll guide you to the Yard of Eden on the planet. This is the just place you can survive if you’re lucky enough to find here.

60 Parsecs! brings quite strange experiences. In transform, playing the role of each various character gives you new experiences and sensations. Every day that passes in a spaceship or on a strange planet will be a completely various challenge and unlike what has passed before. Generally, every minute and every second is a big and small survival fight.

And each decision in the game will lead you to various endings

Every tiny decision you make can lead to various happy and unfortunate endings for the whole crew. For instance, because of clumsiness and failing to remember some soup containers, if you have not found the location planet, the crew will certainly die. Or when you get to the robot planet, because one minute of interest, you unintentionally touch the reset switch for the robot, the robot will go crazy and shut the spaceship, allowing you die in it. On the other hand, a marvelous life can come if you act properly, knowing what to do and not to perform in the right place.

There are many feasible outcomes for the crew. When playing, you need to consider the most awful and best circumstances for each point you need to do or need to choose, so that you could make one of the most appropriate decision.

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Download 60 Parsecs! APK for Android

The game is very good, the plot is very long, but there’s deepness and a lot of small information to take note of. I think it is not right to say 60 Parsecs! is a survival game because there are many points in it: role-playing, adventure, and billions of points to do. The deeper you dig, the more complicated and exciting points become.

There has never ever been a game that you can’t obtain bored of playing forever such as this game. Download 60 Parsecs! to play right here.



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