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9th Dawn III RPG is valued $ 9.91 on Google Play, however, you can download the ‘s APK file of this game for free on MODDERAPK.
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9th Dawn III RPG is valued $ 9.91 on Google Play, however, you can download the ‘s APK file of this game for free on MODDERAPK.

Present about 9th Dawn III RPG

9th Dawn is a role-playing game collection that is released on the PC and Console systems. Under the excitement of the gamers, the author decided to develop the Android and iOS version, in purchase to expand the marketplace and market to more fans.

9th Dawn III RPG was born in this way. You can pay to buy games through the payment on Google Play, or download the free APK version from our website.


The 9th Dawn III RPG is set in the continent of Cedaltia – a remote land separate from the landmass. The tale said that Cedaltia is experiencing from the consequences of an evil king. Fatality is surrounding this land, triggering many individuals and surrounding islands to experience.

A hero was born. He is predestined to ruin Lorwyck castle together with the military of the evil king. Someday, peace will go back to Cedaltia, and individuals can continue operating in the early morning light.


The beginning of the 9th Dawn III RPG is a dark setting of the village of Agaria. The main character appears to have shed his memory, he is brought here with a lofty objective, but he still cannot know what to do.

You’ll control him to explore every place of Agaria. In the process will show up “Read Sign”, as an overview and gives you information about what to do. There are 2 points you need to bear in mind. First, wood street-side chests can include items, products or equipment. You can damage them up and get what you want right into the backpack. Second, constantly watch on Blood-Spawn – something such as Checkpoint. It will bind your spirit there, when you obtain eliminated by the opponent, you can revive here.

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As the progress of the game slowly broadens, you’ll leave the village of Agaria to enter Ashwick area and Vlak forest. There are many dangers there, from old animals, goblins to titans. Defeat them to continue your trip through the world of 9th Dawn III RPG.

Monsters and bosses

In most of the role-playing games I know, 9th Dawn III RPG has one of the most variety of monsters. There are greater than 270 various races exist on Cedaltia. And under the conspiracy of the crooks, these races rise to fight and cause the land to fall right into mayhem. You’ll need to defeat all them, to restore peace for Cedaltia.

Generally, when you leave the village of Agaria, the more monsters show up, while they have the tendency to be more powerful. Dark locations, caverns, dungeons and woodlands, you need to beware of these places because you cannot know what waits for there!


Characters in the 9th Dawn III RPG can gear up a variety of protection items, such as armor, shoes, handwear covers, shoulder armor, relics, rings, … They not just add to the character’s look more unique but also help him increase some of his attributes.

Of all the equipment types, weapons are one of the most important part. They give most of the damage stats to the character, assisting him defeat the monster faster.

9th Dawn III RPG has several popular weapons such as bows, weapons, axes and swords. Each weapon varies in terms of physical attack stats, speed and variety of rock mosaic ports. Depending upon the surface and monster qualities, you need to choose the right weapon.

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Skills of characters

It appeared 9th Dawn III RPG was a simple role-playing 2D game, but when I checked out the character’s skill system, I recognized that that is not truly real.

9th Dawn III RPG has just 3 main character courses, including knight, archer and mage. But each of them has a system of 6 skill types including Melee Combat, Varied Combat, Magic Combat, Protective, Misc and Crafting. As you fight, skills can expand, degree up, and be more effective.


9th Dawn III RPG features a classic 2D, 16-bit graphics system. They produce a classic space, but also filled with mystery. The designer has skillfully incorporated the sound to bring the player pleasure.

Additionally, the game’s graphics have also been optimized. They can work efficiently on a broad variety of low-end devices.

Download 9th Dawn III RPG APK free for Android

Following the success of the part 2, 9th Dawn III RPG was released with a lot expectancy from fans. I am a player that love RPGs with a deep story and classic vintage graphics. 9th Dawn III RPG has satisfied me, and I think it will dominate you quickly.



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