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Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is an application that helps you download files quickly on Android phones. You can download and install the MOD APK version here to use the free paid features.
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Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is an application that helps you download files quickly on Android phones. You can download and install the MOD APK version here to use the free paid features.

Introduce about Advanced Download Manager

What is Advanced Download Manager?

If you’re acquainted with IDM (Internet Download Manager) support when using a desktop, and you want to appearance for a comparable application on Android, Advanced Download Manager is the number one prospect. AdvanceApp’s application has quickly reached the number of 50 million users inning accordance with Google Play statistics, which number is expanding quickly daily. The application has many powerful features to assist you download files on the internet quickly.

Some outstanding features of Advanced Download Manager

Increase download speed 3 times

Many people decide to download movies from internet resources after that enjoy them in their spare time. The benefit of this method is that you could watch movies perfectly because sometimes we don’t guarantee that the internet link at home is constantly stable. With such a large file, it will take several hrs to complete the download if you download it using the normal method. Advanced Download Manager will make the process more pleasant and faster.

How? If you download a file through Advanced Download Manager, the application’s formula will split the file right into 9 components, making data move up to 3 times faster compared to normal download. Moreover, the application also makes one of the most of your sources and transmission speed, ensuring you can download files as quickly as feasible.

Download 3 files at the same time

Not just fast, but Advanced Download Manager also supports you to download up to 3 files at the same time. Of course, the download speed of each file will decrease slightly, but not significantly. This feature appropriates for those that want to download a movie with several episodes. You can’t constantly wait on your telephone to finish downloading an episode to start downloading the next episode.

Obtain the link to download the mp4 file on the browser

Advanced Download Manager supports you to download mp3, mp4 files right in your browser. The application works on prominent websites such as Youtube, vimeo, and supports downloading many video clip file styles such as m3u8, MP-DASH, mp4. Once done, the whole file will be transformed to mp4 for you to open and enjoy it at any time.

Gush download support

Making it easy for users to download and share files, Advanced Download Manager also uses a peer-to-peer download procedure. After downloading a file, you also become a seeder that provides the file to others that want to download it. In this network, you’ll download files from the seeders closest for your place, assisting you to download files faster.

Elegant interface

Advanced Download Manager uses 2 main shades consisting of white and green, very user-friendly. The layout of the interface is designed in an elegant, sensible way and simple. The toolbar is hidden on the left side of the screen, tap or swipe from the left to expose it. The main screen includes just 2 folders of downloading downloaded files and files. Touch the plus icon to start downloading the file you want.

Advanced Download Manager works behind-the-scenes. While you use various other apps, the download is automatically clear so that it does not disrupt your screen.

Dark mode

ADM also has an eye protection mode that allows you to change your appearance to Dark Mode. In the food selection, select Enable Dark Mode to change to dark theme.

Notice when the download is complete

ADM will automatically inform you with sound and resonance when your file is finished. You can let your file download with ADM, after that do your work, ADM can look after the rest.

How to download files by URL with ADM?

Method 1:

  • Tap on the link in your browser and select “” Complete activity using “.
  • Select Advanced Download Manager.

Method 2:

  • Copy the link to download the file
  • Open the app, select the plus icon and include a link to start download.

MOD APK version of Advanced Download Manager

MOD features

  • Unlocked Pro features
  • Removed Appbrain
  • Handicapped Analytics, Crashlytics
  • Optimized
  • Clean data

Download Advanced Download Manager MOD APK for Android

ADM is the best download manager app for Android you can find on Google Play. Easily download large files such as movies, APK files, video clips, OBB files, … with the powerful features of Advanced Download Manager. Over 50 million people have downloaded and are satisfied with ADM, and you?

Please download Advanced Download Manager MOD APK version on MODDERAPK. All advanced features are unlocked. Some features have been removed, giving you a smoother experience.



Info MOD

  • Pro features unlocked;
  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services;
  • Appbrain removed;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;

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