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Alight Motion Pro APK is considered a professional animated graphics application that gives users powerful editing tools, and many unique aesthetic effects. Don't hesitate any much longer, please instantly download this complete energy application for your Android device.
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Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk (AM Pro) -If we visit the google play store, of course we will find lots of video editing applications that we can use. Of course, this is an advantage for those of us who are really involved in the entertainment industry, such as being content creators.

Some of the names of contemporary editing applications such as kinemaster, capcut, vlognow, of course, you already know. But it turns out that there are other applications that have no less cool features like Alight Motion.

Maybe this video editing application sounds foreign to beginners, but for those who like to do video editing, they must already know one of the best applications for editing quality videos.

Alight Motion (AM) itself has two versions that you can use. The first is the free version, with the drawback that it has limited features and there is a watermark for the results that we have edited. While the second is Alight motion pro, a premium version that can unlock all features and produce videos without a watermark.

Alight Motion Pro at a Glance

Can be an application recommended by a well-known editor, of course this application is very good, both in terms of features or other menus. In addition, this is supported by the ease of operating the application as well as some very complete features just like when you want to edit via a PC.

There is a characteristic that this Alight Motion application has, namely its keyframe animation which has a function to lighten the status object in your video editing. Using this application you can also customize the appearance of objects and then move them by combining keyframes.

That way, your editing results will be more lively and dynamic and even have a repository using dozens of different effects. An application will continue to be improved to make it more comfortable to use, as is the case with Alight Motion.

In this application you can edit videos without watermarks, effects have many themes, full features such as text, colors, images, and light. In addition, you can easily find the selected effect so that it matches your object.

To display fonts in this application, you can add your own font shape by importing the font into the application and it can be used without problems. In addition to some of the features above, there are many features that you can know.

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk Version 4.0.1

In order to get all the benefits above and have a classy video editing experience, then you can download the application via the link we have prepared for you. You can get Alight Motion pro XML support at this link .

Alight motion Apk Version 3.7.1

With the presence of this application that has been around for a long time, of course, it will leave several previous versions. For those of you who want to download the AM apk version 3.7.1, then you can download it via the file that we have provided. 

How to Install Alight Motion Pro Apk Apk

The installation method itself is almost the same as some applications that are not available through the Google Play Store, namely:

  • Make sure you download the application with the link above
  • After that, enable “Unknown Sources” by going to settings
  • Select Privacy, next application
  • Then open the storage folder
  • Choose alight motion pro mod apk
  • The application installation process will begin
  • Wait until it’s finished

With the above steps, Alight Motion Pro is now installed on your smartphone. To see what features are available, you can see it as follows.

Alight Motion Pro Featured Features

Of course, you can use these features to edit videos to be more classy and quality. Come on, get to know the features in this best video editing application.

Multiple Layers for Audio and Video

By using this application, you can create an audio and video composition like video editing applications in general. Not only that, you can also adjust several scenes in the audio and video sections to become one.

Merge Videos

You can use this pro version feature, namely blending, so you can combine several videos into one in just a matter of minutes or can be said to be very fast. This Alight Motion application will make it easier for you to combine several of these videos with a fast process.

This also distinguishes it from other applications, because the others are usually heavy and prolong the work of video editing.

Has Many Font Variations

Then, the features that you can use, namely Fonts with hundreds to thousands of font types, you can maximize their use. This font is very useful for displaying text so that your video looks more informative.

The display of different fonts will make videos have their own characteristics, so you have to find the right font. Choose the best display of the fonts that have been provided in it, you don’t even need to export other fonts anymore.

Editing Colors

The color of the video will be very important because it shows a quality of the video itself. With Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk, you can make color corrections or color neutralization of your videos.

This can prevent the video from blurring and breaking. In addition, there are many visual effects that you can add to your videos, so that video editing will be more interesting and lively. There is a slow motion effect that is currently widely used and is available here.

Supports Vector and Bitmap Formats

You can do vector graphics editing easily with this Alight Motion. This is an advantage because some video editing applications do not have this advantage.

Your edited video will be cooler if you use this feature, namely vector and bitmap formats. Learn more about its features and get the video results you want.

No Ads

In the free version there will be ads that are quite annoying when you are editing. But in this pro version, you will be free from ads. So that the video editing process will be more convenient and faster for sure.

Color Adjustment Pengaturan

You can add color effects to the sides of your edited video to make it more lively. Set the color well because in Alight Motion you can adjust it easily and classy.

This is because the settings have been provided automatically, so you don’t need to set them manually.

XML and XMP Support Presets

For those of you who want to make video pauses, then you can take advantage of various video templates that you can input in the video editing process.

Video pauses on the tiktok application and the youtube platform are so viral. One of the video applications that can make such edits is Alight Motion. For preset support reaching 5MB, you must subscribe to this one video editing application.

There is a Usage Tutorial

Maybe you don’t find this one feature in other video editing applications, namely usage tutorials. Usually for this tutorial we get from creator content, but to make it easier for you, a tutorial menu is intentionally inserted on how to use this alight motion application.

With this feature, it is hoped that users will not experience significant difficulties when editing photos or videos.

Keyframe Animation

It can be said that this feature is one of the superior features in this alight motion application. By using this feature, you can clarify the object of the image or video. Just specify which part you want to clarify, then specify the shape you want to include.

Support Multiple Formats

Nowadays there are quite a number of video or photo formats. All of that can be adjusted to your needs. To support this, the developers of this application have provided various formats that you can use for your editing results.

Many Visual Effects Options

Maybe you often see many effects in a video, so that it makes you feel more comfortable while watching. For those of you who want to apply this to your videos, this application has provided various kinds of visual effects.

With the presence of this effect, you can explore your videos as interesting as possible. We just need to specify the effect we want to input.

Those were some of the features that you can use when editing photos or videos using Alight Motion Pro.

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Advantages of Alight Motion Mod

When compared to the regular version, of course there are quite a lot of advantages that you can find in this pro version, which are as follows:

  • The format provided for import is very diverse
  • The export process is very fast, only 1 to 3 minutes
  • It’s free and all features are unlocked
  • No watermark on video
  • Color adjustment can be used automatically
  • Can access motion blur for free
  • All effects, features and fonts can be used
  • The ad has been blocked so it won’t appear
  • Has many layers

Those were some of the advantages that you can get in the alight motion pro apk application. With a myriad of advantages, this will make the videos you produce even better.

How to Edit Videos With Alight Motion Pro

This application is very easy to use, so for those who are still new to the world of editing, it will be easy to do the editing process. You can read more about how to use alight motion pro as follows:

  • First you can directly run this application, then you can select the “Plus” icon
  • Choose the ratio you want to use
  • Determine the resolution, frame rate and background, then create the project
  • Next select the plus icon and input the video from your smartphone gallery that you want to edit
  • Add effects or cut the part of the video you don’t want
  • Finally, you just save.

But indeed to be able to make videos with various effects, of course you need to learn more such as making video overlays, pause videos for tiktok or so on.

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The final word

With the method or steps above, then you can get a video editing application with winning features that other applications on smartphones don’t even have. What are you waiting for? Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk for free and feel the best video editing experience.