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Download currently Angry Birds Journey MOD APK, the newest game in the Angry Birds series by Rovio. This time, sign up with the angry birds to take part in the rescue of the cute Hatchlings birds!
Rovio Entertainment Corporation
April 14, 2021
7.0 and up
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Download currently Angry Birds Journey MOD APK, the newest game in the Angry Birds series by Rovio. This time, sign up with the angry birds to take part in the rescue of the cute Hatchlings birds!

Present about Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey, previously known as Angry Birds Laid-back, is a slingshot puzzle game introduced in March 2020 by publisher Rovio Entertainment. This is the 19th game in the Angry Birds series and the eleventh game to use slingshot gameplay.

In December 2020, the game was removed from the Application Store and Google Play to change its name to Angry Birds Journey. On January 14, 2021, the game formally returned on Google Play. It’s quite regrettable for players in the Oriental area that presently the game is just launched in North America and some European nations. But do not worry, you can download the APK file on MODDERAPK and install it to play anywhere, anytime.

How to play?

As mentioned over, Angry Birds Journey is a slingshot game. Players need to drag the rubber item with the birds on it to aim at the target. The game will consist of 3 get rid of various situations and objectives, including:

  • Chapter 1: Old Damages
  • Chapter 2: Crystal Hills
  • Chapter 3: Gaia’s Challenge

Not just that, the publisher will also introduce a brand-new part with harder challenges for players.

What’s difference in between Angry Birds Journey and various other Angry Birds games?

One point that’s various about Angry Birds Journey compared to the previous games is that the degrees cannot replayed. Therefore, the celebrity score is removed. Besides, the game uses the drawing style of Angry Birds Dream Blast, another game in the Angry Birds series, but in the match-3 puzzle category. The game promises to give players new experiences compared to previous slingshot games.

Not just has the look changed, but the way also the birds activate their powers have currently been changed. When they touch the Piglets’s fortress, the power is triggered immediately. Players can no much longer activate the power of birds by pushing the screen such as in Angry Birds 2.

Besides combating the evil blue pigs, our birds have another objective to rescue poor Hatchlings.

The strength of each bird

You can still satisfy the cute birds, the acquainted characters of the Angry Birds series. However, Angry Birds Journey has a brand-new setting. After each transform, the player will be included a quantity of energy. When filled with the energy bar, the birds will become more powerful compared to their normal specify and deal more damage. Here’s information about the unique powers of each bird:

  • Chuck: When he touches the fortress, Chuck will duplicate and fly another section, dealing damage to every framework it goes through.
  • Bomb: When touching any item, Bomb will explode and cause damage about it.
  • Silver: After striking the ground, Silver will penetrate the frameworks listed below and deal damage.
  • Stella: On impact, Stella will produce a bubble that raises all the objects that get to it. After 1.5 secs, all will fall to the ground.
  • Red: After touching the fortress, Red causes a riot, collapsing right into 5 arbitrary targets and dealing damage to them.

The game also appeared with small, poor Hatchlings. The birds are being kept in iron cages by swarms of relentless Piglets. They need to rescue. Additionally, several Hatchlings were icy in ice obstructs. You must ruin the bordering challenges in purchase for the light to thaw the ice dice.

The villains are still Piglets, but in Angry Birds Journey, the pigs show up in their more childish variations. There are 2 kinds of Piglets in the game with various appearances including forms and circles. Do not let their cute appearances be your subjective, these pigs are very mischievous and damaging!


The graphics of Angry Birds Journey don’t disappoint players when the picture has become a lot more fancy compared to the previous games. Using Angry Birds Blast’s style also makes the characters cuter, better to the player.

MOD APK version of Angry Birds Journey

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: You have great deals of coins.

Download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK for Android

Angry Birds Journey is a perfect choice for those that are looking for a light, enjoyable entertainment game to unwind in their spare time. The game is also totally appropriate for children with photos of incredibly cute and amusing birds. Please download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK via the link listed below and enjoy the game currently!



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