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Boom Karts is a fun racing action game from the publisher Fingersoft for mobile systems. In the game, you play as a very cool and fast shooter, challenging every track and every opponent.
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May 12, 2021
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Boom Karts is a fun racing action game from the publisher Fingersoft for mobile systems. In the game, you play as a very cool and fast shooter, challenging every track and every opponent.

Introduce about Boom Karts

One of the most stimulating real-time shooting racing game of perpetuity!

That has played through many racing games? Let me know what you consider them! For me, this category can be split right into 2 unique institutions. One is pure racing, perhaps with 2D or 3D design but everything is done inning accordance with requirements, clearness, and concepts. The second is an amusing racing game, which can be combined with some various other kind of action such as football, shooting, shuttlecock… The common point of games such as this is a funny, cute with amusing cartoon graphics and make us happy to play.

Today I want to introduce to you a shooting racing game which isn’t normal fun but extreme fun, Boom Karts from the well-known publisher Fingersoft.

It is a racing game, but not just have racing

As a racing game, of course, the core is still racing. Races in Boom Karts remain in real-time mode, so every craziest action you can think about can be finished with rhythmic ingenious movements on the mobile screen. You simply need to touch the screen, drag left and right, backwards and forwards, after that you have complete control of your car. The versatility to handle sharp edges, an extreme car speeding up to what degree depends on each person’s ingenious experience.

But in Boom Karts, great driving and racing is just a fifty percent. The game also needs you to be a marksman. Shooting opponents and blowing the roofing system of various other players’ cars is the supreme objective that you need to accomplish. The arsenal in Boom Karts is also in the top category: bombs, soap, chili, pepper… everything on the planet can make an opponent experience hard. But keep in mind that the opponent doesn’t stand still, they can do whatever you do, also in multiplayer mode or solo mode versus AI. You’ll need to use all kinds of skills, integrate your ability to own with dignity with spectacular diversionary strikes to hit various other cars and immobilize your opponents.

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The unique power-ups in Boom Karts will make the opponent fall apart

If you play with PvP mode to take on various other online players, you have a pretty “insane” function in Boom Karts: produce your own field, from the entrance hall, the track, the number of rounds, the number of players, columns of stamina you will enter each rounded. The game is currently in your hands, let’s see how the opponent will struggle. But remember that producing a challenging play area is something you can do, but it is up to you whether you can pass the rounded, fight the opponent or otherwise.

And whether playing in solo mode with AI or affordable PvP mode, you can still choose your personality as a racer personality in respect of outfits, accessories, weapons (basic items), safety headgears, racing vehicles… Do not presume the game does not have too many options. A lot of fascinating stuff is waiting on you in advance. The better you race, the more you win, you can obtain whatever you want, from updating look, accessories, hats, to racing cars and also skins for characters, everything, as lengthy as you race and shoot well.

Remember that along the track there are countless power-up items. “Ingest” them entire so you can fly when driving such as an arrowhead, shooting crazily on any opponent. Obtaining a lot of these valuable items, you also have the opportunity to update weapons continuously, and freely loss the opponent in each play scene.


Everything in Boom Karts occurs with unexpected witty wit. Forget all the complicated 3D racing games. In this game, you simply feel free to experience with some cute cartoon characters. Simply race and shoot comfortably. There are almost no psychological obstacles in Boom Karts. You know, Aristocratic politeness constantly forces us to be perfect but sometimes simply let on your own free. And Boom Karts is the last school.

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But “not being major” does not imply “not being disciplined”. Every context, color design, information, item, and tool in Boom Karts is skillfully designed, both functional and witty. Everything exhibits interest and power.

Describing Fingersoft, you cannot disregard the Hillside Climb up Racing collection.

MOD APK version of Boom Karts

MOD features

  • Unlocked All Cars
  • Free Chest (open up chests without watching ads)

Download Boom Karts MOD APK for Android

It’s one of the most interesting, stimulating, and witty racing game I’ve ever played. If you truly want to find a sporting activities game that’s pure entertainment and makes you feel warm after playing, you must play a game such as Boom Karts.

Download the game to play right here, everybody.



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