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Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an extremely unique driving simulation game of the olzhass author, requiring you to park in the right place.
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Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an extremely unique driving simulation game of the olzhass author, requiring you to park in the right place.

Present about Car Parking Multiplayer

Parking is a problem in big cities. Presently, cars are ending up being more and moremore and more popular. So if you use the car to reach work every day, you will have a migraine finding a great parking spot. This unintentionally became the inspiration for the olzhass designer to produce an extremely interesting game called Car Parking Multiplayer. Here, you obtain a free driving and parking course. Not quit there, you can make friends and interact with countless various other players through Online mode.


As a driving simulation game, but when compared with comparable games such as Car Simulator 2 or Dr. Driving, Car Parking Multiplayer has a totally new subject. Your job is to park the car in the position that the game requires. It sounds simple, but actually, it’s not so.

Precision, skillful and experience are essential aspects of a great chauffeur. Simply a bit collision with various other cars or you unintentionally hit the fencing on the walkway, which suffices to earn you need to play from the start. Particularly, you must take note of pedestrians and various other vehicles. The first 2 levels just require you to move in a straight line, maintaining a stable speed and stopping at the right time. The problem will show up at level 3 when you’re quite much from the parking place, and your parking space is in between 2 various other vehicles. You need to succeed in flexes if you don’t want to play again.

No one desires to be embeded the car park (or parking cellar) for too lengthy. It is real. Not just requires you to drive and park skillfully, but Car Parking Multiplayer also limits the time for each level. If throughout that duration of time, you don’t park in time, you shed. Certainly, you do not want an important meeting even if you are embeded the parking lot, right?


Generally, the controls of Car Parking Multiplayer are very little various. You can choose among 3 controls including arrowhead keys, steering wheel and turning device. I usually choose the steering wheel because it makes me feel such as driving a real car. All functions of a car such as turn indicates, fronts lights, reverse, brake, strangle get on the screen. You simply need to select the corresponding switches.


Graphics are among the solid factors of Car Parking Multiplayer that you could easily acknowledge right from the first level. It’s not substandard to the prominent racing games for mobile. The environment in the game is an extremely reasonable simulation. You can feel it from cars, houses, transport systems, landscapes, … Besides, the movement of the car is extremely smooth and accurate. It helps you feel the movement of the car to park the car in the right position.


Presently, Car Parking Multiplayer gives you 3 modes including Levels, Single Play and Online Game.

Levels mode resembles Profession Mode. You need to complete the challenges of the game sequentially. Challenges are obtaining harder and more complex, you need to improve your ability to drive. This is also the mode to assist you obtain a lot of money.

You want to unwind by driving and sightseeing, do not you? Single Play is a free driving mode that allows you to do whatever you want. No rules, no objectives, absolutely nothing. You can comfortably drive anywhere. Car Parking Multiplayer gives you lots of detailed designed maps including cities, deserts, coastlines and more.

Besides, you can interact with various other players in Online Game mode. Still the maps of Single Play, but you’ll drive with friends or various other online players. You can chat with them via Chat or microphone of your telephone.

Interact with various other drivers

Have you ever played a driving simulation game that allows you to leave? This feature shows up to just show up in the GTA series, but olzhass skillfully integrated it right into their simulation game. Sometimes, you can leave the car, observe the whole roadway before using the car to move. Particularly, you can control your personality to perform some enjoyable actions such as leaping, waving, clapping and many various other actions. Use it in Online Game mode to interact with various other players.

Beside the car door open up button is a button that allows you to lock the car and turn off the engine. I didn’t understand the meaning of this feature, until having fun Online Game mode, I was burglarized by another gamer while I was outside. Remember, constantly lock your car after heading out, whether in the game or in real life!

Unlock characters & cars

Car Parking Multiplayer has a variety of models of well-known car brand names such as BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes and more. Expensive cars will give you better efficiency, easier to control. However, initially, you probably will not obtain used to its speed.

Besides the car, you can unlock among a series of funny characters such as the authorities, a workplace girl or also an astronaut.

MOD APK version of Car Parking Multiplayer

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money when opening up the game. With the money available, you can release unlock cars, characters you such as.

Download Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK for Android

Since its launch, the originality and uniqueness in the gameplay of Car Parking Multiplayer have assisted this game receive greater than 10 million downloads on Google Play, which number is constantly enhancing every day. This game is very interesting and addicting. If you’ve simply bought a brand-new car and want to learn how to park properly, try downloading and install and describing 1001 parking designs in this game.