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Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK is an aesthetic unique game of the author Insane Maple Workshop. This game is for those that are looking for their love because this game consists of romantic love stories. You'll play a character and submerse on your own in the psychological love story.
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Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK is an aesthetic unique game of the author Insane Maple Workshop. This game is for those that are looking for their love because this game consists of romantic love stories. You’ll play a character and submerse on your own in the psychological love story.

Present about Chapters: Interactive Stories

Choose your own love story 

Compared with My Canine Sweetheart and My Registered nurse Sweetheart (with just one story), Chapters: Interactive Stories has a huge collection of stories split right into many various categories. Do you love a romantic story about a girl and man that is her brother’s friend? The love story in between a nerd man and his buddy since youth? Or also a typical girl and a CEO of a big company? All remain in this game.

Love stories are split right into categories such as Wonderful, CEO / Billionaire, Bad Boys, Mystery / Thriller, Dream, Fake Connection, … You can choose a story you such as and submerse in the romantic story. Besides, the game ranks one of the most popular stories on top of each category. So you can choose one of the most outstanding love story of Chapters: Interactive Stories.


The gameplay of aesthetic unique games isn’t too complicated. You’ll pass each chapter in an extremely relaxing way, that such as the way you’re enjoying an unique. Chapters: Interactive Stories are informed with photos and lines of the main character. You need to help him (or her) find ways to flirt and seduce your dream guy.

Presently, Chapters: Interactive Stories has 149 books. The gameplay complies with the story but it doesn’t imply the game takes you on an current story. Each story has many knots, and you can choose to press the story in the instructions you want. As an unique, love stories are wrong or incorrect. Each of your choices leads you to a various finish. It may more than happy, it may be unfortunate, it’s completely up to you.

Each story has a summary available, so you can find games with content that suits you.

Customize the character

Along with romantic love stories, Chapters: Interactive Stories is also very suitable for style fans. Before beginning the game, you’re enabled to customize the look, clothes, hairdo, skin color for the character. When your character goes to an occasion or party, you proceed to choose outfits to fit that occasion. Although the character’s outfits don’t affect the plot very a lot, self-confidence through look will help you have more unique ideas.


Chapters: Interactive Stories is a collection of stories informed by 2D pictures and messages. I was very impressed with the way they designed the personalities, all with very beautiful appearances. Besides, the history is also designed quite detailed with many shades. The game has some songs to fit each story, but it doesn’t affect too a lot of your experience.

Hardware requirements

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a game that’s not too requiring on hardware because it has 2D graphics and relatively simple gameplay. You can play with many Android devices, consisting of mid-range phones. The dimension is just about 100MB, so the memory requirements are not too big.

  • The game supports Android 4.1+.
  • Memory requirements: 100MB.
  • Internet requirements: Yes.

MOD APK version of Chapters: Interactive Stories

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Tickets


What is Premium Choice?

Sometimes, your conversations go to a dead-end, and you feel very confused. Or sometimes, you have the opportunity to “attack” the opponent, and the game gives you an extremely cute suggestion to help you achieve your goals. But it is not as free as normal choices. You have to buy it with diamonds.

What is My Bag?

In fact, it doesn’t help you too much. Every time you complete a story (or chapter), the cover of that story is saved here. In addition, you can collect medals or some reward cards purchased with diamonds.

How to get diamonds?

There are many ways for you to get more diamonds when playing Chapters: Interactive Stories. The most common way is to play and complete a chapter. Additionally, you will receive diamonds every day on the first login. The fastest way to get diamonds is to buy by paying via credit card. But this way is quite expensive. You can have large quantities of diamonds by playing and using them sensibly.

I use diamonds to buy a Premium Choice, can I use it one more time when I play that chapter again?

Yes. If you used a diamond to buy Premium Choices, you have the right to use it for free when playing that chapter again.

Age requirements to play Chapters: Interactive Stories?

The content of the game has some words and stories that are not suitable for children. Therefore, the game requires players to be 16 years or older.

Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android 

I have played through some books of Chapters: Interactive Stories, and it was truly outstanding. I was totally captured up in extremely fascinating stories with many shocks. Through each chapter, the game produces many details that make players feel interested and want to play another chapter. The game resembles a course on how to behave and speak with individuals. Through the game, I learned how to flirt and behave with confidence when meeting the girl I such as.


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