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Drawn To Life: 2 Realms is a puzzle role-playing game by the author 505 Games, enabling you to create your own character.
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April 14, 2021
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Drawn To Life: 2 Realms is a puzzle role-playing game by the author 505 Games, enabling you to create your own character.

Present about Drawn To Life: 2 Realms

The tale of 2 Realms

The game’s content is complied with by the first part, Drawn To Life. Discussing the content of the previous part, Drawn To Life: 2 Realms informs about a world where all living points are drawn by the Developer. They are all called Raposa. Someday, a Raposa woman called Mari pleads the Developer to save her town, which has been assaulted by a beast produced from a defective Raposa called Wilfre. He took the Book of Life to offer his own power ambitions.

In 2 Realms, you reach meet new characters. Mike, the new character, awakens. He remains in risk by a mystical shadow. Going along with a brand-new actors of characters, travel through the communities of Raposa and Human to assist Mike and his friends. You also have the opportunity to meet acquainted characters in the first part such as Mira, Jowee, the mayor (Mira’s dad).

Beat toys, overcome obstacles to cross the level

In terms of gameplay, although in the category of puzzles, Drawn To Life: 2 Realms is a 2D straight screen role-playing game. The gameplay and combating design of the character is also quite just like Mario. With no tools, bombs or laser weapons, you control a robot, get on
going enemies to ruin them. You can also use the turning by touching the facility of the screen to knock enemies away, spectacular them momentarily.

Drawn To Life: 2 Realms have no character’s blood bar or heart. If you let the enemy touch the robot, he sheds one layer of his armor. After shedding about 4 to 5 layers of armor, the robot is beat and you need to begin over from the start. Along with enemies, you also need to keep an eye out for a collection of obstacles such as thorns openings, abysses, … if you don’t want your trip to quit prematurely.

Overall, I think the levels of Drawn To Life: 2 Realms are not too challenging to pass. You simply need to depend on a bit resourcefulness, a bit experience to face various kinds of monsters to step through the entrance. Advancing to the next level helps you proceed to develop the story, meeting new characters to obtain better to the mystery of the shadow.

Draw your own characters and maps

If you’re bored with the developer’s available characters, Drawn To Life: 2 Realms offers you an extremely unique character creation auto technician that allows you to create each part of the robot on your own. The robot will be colder when you choose his own hands, feet, mask, body, outfit. Have you ever pictured a warrior with Jason Voorhees mask, feline face, Santa’s upper body, Iron Man’s paw? I think you’ll have a lot of chuckles with the game’s character creation system.

Particularly, the game also offers another unique system that allows you to design the levels on your own. Each level just requires you to loss all monsters, so with the variety of characters provided, you can place them anywhere on the screen. The screen displays in a grid, select an enemy, drag it to the screen and drop it on any square. Note, you need to drop enemies on the ground.

Cool hand-drawn 2D graphics

Inning accordance with the reviews, Drawn To Life: 2 Realms just has average 2D graphics such as the Console games from the 90s, production us think about Mario. The design of the characters is extremely cute. Also the villains and monsters, they are called toys, drawn in a cute square form. To assist gamers not obtain bored, the environment of the game is also constantly changing.

Play Drawn To Life: 2 Realms, you enter a vibrant 2D world with small but very solid and take on animals.

Download Drawn To Life: 2 Realms APK free for Android

As opposed to the simple, rather outdated picture, Drawn To Life: 2 Realms has a lot for you to explore. The content is detailed, significant and in-depth. Enjoyable gameplay, easy to play, appropriate for any ages. The character creation system is extremely unique, humorous. If you have actually been infatuated with Drawn To Life, you cannot disregard the wonderful stories waiting on you in part 2.

Drawn To Life: 2 Realms costs $ 4.99 on Google Play, you can download the APK file of this game for free via the link listed below the article.

Note! If the game accidents, please shut the game and resume it.



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