Are you looking to improve your English speaking and grammar? ELSA Speak MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is the application you're looking for.
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Are you looking to improve your English speaking and grammar? ELSA Speak MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is the application you’re looking for.

Present about ELSA Speak

What is ELSA Speak?

Presently, there are many technology systems for academic purposes. For international language learning, we can mention Memrise, Cake, LingoDeer, and Duolingo. Besides, there’s ELSA Speak – an application to assist you learn to speak English online.

ELSA Speak is launched by ELSA – an academic company centered in San Francisco. Up until now, the application has received greater than 128,000 reviews on Google Play and has a rating of 4.8/5 celebrities.

What purpose do you learn English?

Before going into the English practice process, you need to clear up your learning purpose. The system offers topics such as travel, work, education, daily communication, society, entertainment, … What is your purpose? You’ll after that select your native language, present English level, and educating objective (laid-back, intermediate, or advanced) to complete the survey. Based upon the information that you have provided, the system will make a proposition and appropriate learning route.

Speech acknowledgment AI technology helps you improve pronunciation

ELSA Speak uses machine learning technology, assisting to acknowledge the user’s articulate. From there, the system will spot mistakes to assist people correct and improve their grammar.

The first lessons concentrate on pronunciation and vocabulary learning. The display shows vocabulary, phonetic sounds, and tape-taping switches. As you read, the system will record and assess your reading ability. Besides, the word’s meaning is discussed thoroughly and consists of some instances, such as some common sentences using that word.

Presently, there are 2 rating degrees: conventional and advanced. The advanced level will assess your speaking/reading compared with native American speakers, rating on a 100% range. The system also suggests which sounds you need to improve your reading to speak/read English better.

There aren’t many English learning apps such as ELSA Speak. It concentrates on every small information, thereby assisting you communicate better and more fluently.

Choose lessons that in shape your route

ELSA Speak has developed an appropriate lesson system. Regardless of what level you’re at, you have a possibility to develop your English speaking/reading ability.

If you’re new, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by ELSA Speak with so many lessons. But you should begin with learning pronunciations, punctuation words, and expressions. As you progress, you can read entire sentences, coordinating techniques, finishing sounds, intonation, and more.

Improved pronunciation many thanks to realistic conversations

Application designed to assist you communicate in English fluently. Therefore, there are many real-life conversations for you to consult and practice with. The system still monitors you closely, explaining words/sounds that you have not pronounced properly or sounds that need to be highlighted. Consequently, your communication ability will improve, and at the same time, show you an overview of daily communication in English.

I and numerous thousands of others feel better after using ELSA Speak. It provides detailed instructions and information and documents necessary to learn English. Besides, you also have the opportunity to experience reality when interacting with native speakers one-to-one through the Video clip Call feature.


The content of ELSA Speak is constantly being upgraded. You can inspect them out in the discover feature. These contents are quite shut to reality, for instance, Online Dating, Number, Day & Time, Self Intro, Common Travel Circumstances, … Each content has a specific quantity of lessons and is split by each level, from easy to challenging, for you to improve your English quickly.

MOD APK version of ELSA Speak

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

What’s more in the Premium version of ELSA Speak?

Premium version unlocks all 1600 most popular English communication topics, gives access to fast lessons designed for people with busy routines, unlocks real-life discussion content, and some premium features. Overall, it will help you improve your English from novice to advanced a lot more quickly compared to the free version.

Download ELSA Speak MOD APK for Android

If you’re attempting to learn conversational English or improve your reading and speaking English, you should use ELSA Speak. It’s an effective device that provides techniques and tips for better English speaking. However, the free version is limited in some features. You should sign up for the Premium package or use the MOD APK version to learn and progress much faster.



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