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Mobirix isn’t too unusual names for the video pc gaming community currently any longer. With the warm items that the company produced, Mobirix has become the skilled old guy of simple, light entertainment. The titles of the game constantly satisfy most of the entertainment needs of players. Although the game isn’t so hefty, as many blockbuster online reality game titles, the outcomes it brings no much less compared to the blockbuster. And Fishing Hook is among the main aces of Mobirix. Fishing Hook is the second item after the success of its precursor Fishing Hook. Although it has been launched a while the appeal of the game has not revealed indications of decrease. Owning an outing fishing style, players will be delighted to verify their fishing.

Experience one of the most authentic fishing sensation

Coming to Fishing Hook, players will experience the true feeling of fishing. The game is quite simple, players simply rest on the boat and throw fishing rods to the sea. After a short duration, there will be fish for your fishing rod. At this moment, the player needs to quit and wait on the fish to be certain to hook up.

However, in purchase for the fish to reach you, it’s mandatory to pull the string short so that fish can be picked up. If you want to fish high-value fish, force the line to be extremely lengthy and be extended out. Big fish, valuable, will instantly hope, also amongst them sperm whale. But to obtain these fish isn’t natural because of the fifty percent reason is because of the ability to pull and choose the correct time, and the various other is because of the good good luck to fish to reach your hook. The suppleness of a fish is measured by the level of damage that you could cause to it. The more injured the fish, the easier it’s to pull the boat.

Another important factor to improve your fishing ability is the quality of the fishing rod. At first, players will just experience basic, basic needs. The first fish will be the facility to develop and update fishing rods later on. The more expensive the fish, the greater the worth and quality. Equivalent to the longer and stronger the string. This allows the player to fish offshore and reach bigger fish. But to obtain a good fishing rod, it’s imperative to invest a good deal of money. Many thanks to that, we need to strive to capture the average fish. After exercising the dragging method, larger ones will be extremely challenging.


Although it is simply a fishing sporting activities game, the graphics quality of Fishing Hook exceeds assumptions, 3D style offers a smooth, true experience. The information of the effects are soft, versatile, relatively modern physics. The picture is designed thoroughly, carefully. Simple control procedure, the function keys are quite small because the gameplay is simple. The layout of the experience space is extremely spacious, comfortable; the experience is no longer an issue. Extremely reasonable sound effects, no various from reality. The information is fully explained, assisting the player to grasp the specific circumstance in one of the most extensive way.


With an extremely top quality finish for a light-weight game such as Fishing Hook, if the sporting activity is the style you want to go for, Fishing Hook should be the front runner. It is not natural that 10s of countless people about the world choose the game. The primary reason is the simple but challenging game isn’t simple, the second one is because the graphics are extremely attractive game. It’s enough to loss most people that experience it. Download and show your fishing abilities today.

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