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1DM+: One download manager plus [formerly IDM+] is the fastest and most advanced download manager (with Torrent download support) available on android. It's upto 500% faster than normal download. And it doesn't run background services if there's nothing to download and Smart download option is disabled which increases battery life.
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Vicky Bonick
Dec 25, 2022
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Today, as the internet expands, there are so many sources available that you could search and download to use. IDM + is among the download aides that makes it feasible to download files faster. Currently, IDM + has changed its name to 1DM +. I will suggest it to you in this article.

Introduce about 1DM+

What is 1DM+?

1DM + is one of the most advanced downloader application developed by Vicky Bonick for Android devices. While you need to pay to purchase the app, you can optimize the download up to 5 times faster compared to usual. It’s well worth mentioning that 1DM + doesn’t include solutions operating behind-the-scenes, conserving you bandwidth and PIN for the device. On APKMODY, 1DM + is provided free for you to download and use.

Download files 5 times faster compared to normal

Usually, the download speed depends on your network bandwidth and ability to receive files on your device. The default download protocol just supports downloading through a solitary port, and it’s among the restricting factors that make the download a lot slower. 1DM + will help you to fix this problem. It supports up to 32 simultaneous download ports, production one of the most network bandwidth to download files faster. 32 download ports representing 32 downloads at the same time. At this moment, 32 small files are produced.

When the downloads are finished, the small files are combined to form the complete file. Consequently, files evaluating up to several hundred MB or several GB are downloaded within a couple of mins.

In situation you want to limit the download speed, you can set the bandwidth by hand for that download. Besides, 1DM + also supports download through the link. You simply need to paste the link in the address box to start the download. Some websites or apps obstruct this feature, but 1DM + has the ability to immediately reconnect and revitalize the link until the link succeeds.


The torrent protocol is acquiring in appeal. People can share peer-to-peer when keeping torrent files and resource files, specifically. µTorrent Pro is a protocol for downloading torrent files, now you do not also need it because 1DM + also supports downloading torrent files.

Use is also very simple. You simply need to push the plus symbol in all-time low corner of the screen, after that decide to import files from the device. You can after that browse to find torrent files, import them right into the app, and begin the download process. Of course, 1DM + provides a detailed interface for observing your downloaded capacity and approximated time.

Blocking ads

Advertising is among the problems that irritate users when browsing the web. Some crooks also place harmful code right into pop-up ads, when users click it, their device can be contaminated. 1DM + has incorporated adblocking feature. It will remove all the javascript snippets containing the advertisement collection for a better, safer browsing experience.

Intuitive interface

1DM + has many features: importing files, downloading torrent files, downloading files via URL, browsing the web, and blocking ads… All these features are aesthetically displayed on the home web page. If you want to see more detailed information and features, you can see the food selection in the screen’s top left corner. It also consists of download setups. You simply need to tap to transform it on/off.

The main interface of 1DM + is the list of files refined, downloaded, or imported right into the application. You can sort them by name, development day, size, file kind, … or search by keyword. If you want to maintain your secrets to on your own, you can conceal files or set a password to protect them.

Some limitations

Besides the previously mentioned features, 1DM + also has a restriction that cannot download files from Youtube. This application is still in conformity with the plans and terms of solution set forth by Youtube. Some people feel dissatisfied with this, but rules are rules.

Download 1DM+ APK for Android

1DM + is an extremely useful application for Android. It supports downloading a wide range of file kinds, as well as improves the download speed to conserve you time. The application is ranked greater than 10 thousand times and has approximately 4.6 from 5 factors on Google Play many thanks to the effectiveness that it brings.




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