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King of Defense: Battle Frontier MOD APK is a unique tower defense strategy game on the mobile system. In the game, you play as the commander of the dwarven kingdom, prominent your squads of skilled soldiers versus the enemies of the intense orcs.
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May 24, 2021
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King of Defense: Battle Frontier MOD APK is a unique tower defense strategy game on the mobile system. In the game, you play as the commander of the dwarven kingdom, prominent your squads of skilled soldiers versus the enemies of the intense orcs.

Present about King of Defense: Battle Frontier

The war of the Dwarves and Orcs.


Inspired by The Hobbit, which has the continuous combating in between the dwarves and the Orcs (War of the Dwarves and Orcs), the manufacturer GCenter has made this great defense strategy game.

In the game, you’re the commander of the dwarves. Orcs constantly hide about and do all kind of antics to provoke, attack, and wage a decades-long war on your kingdom. They draw out all kinds of monsters, with many unique weapons to eliminate you. But besides, with calm and measured management, you have led your militaries and soldiers to fight and defeat those harmful, high but brainless enemies to restore tranquility for your kingdom.

Unique combination capcapacities

In King of Defense: Battle Frontier, players will witness the combination feature that exceeds all the usual defense games. You’ll not fight in transform, neither bring sequentially each team of troops to fight, but you can integrate many kinds of troops, weapons, and strategies to defeat the enemy. For instance, you can assemble turrets with each other, change the elevation to represent the dimension of the enemy, and coordinate with the Archer team on the turret tower to both protect and attack. Listed below will be a team of mounties and infantry waiting to participate in shut combat with the orcs. In the center course of soldiers will be unique troops with high, muscular bodies and remarkable strength (but of course still not as big as the Orcs) that are ready to fight at any time. Most likely to the next degree, after each Victory you’ll receive a brand-new kind of soldier or update an current army. The future will have a collection of professional and also more powerful militaries compared to this.

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The ability to integrate and determine carefully to array forces and disperse various groups of troops will help you resemble victory or defeat shedding the stronghold to the enemy. How you pass each scene will also determine the variety of factors gained and the ability to open new defense strength in the future. Each degree has countless ways to overcome, strategy and victory are completely in your hands.

Message for newbies

If you play this game for the first time, I suggest having fun it very slowly in the basic very early scenes because this is the time when you truly obtain used to the disorderly scene that’s often very confusing in the game. And the combination feature is truly an effective tool for those that focus on tower defense but is a present that doesn’t know how to open for beginners.

You should slowly play, observe the battlefield, determine the celebrations involved and groups of soldiers in it, and learn how they fight, how their own strength is. That will help you have a more accurate view and choice in future strategies. Of course, if we proceed through each scene, points promise to get back at more complex. But, certainly by that time, you’ll slowly obtain used to them and feel the coolness of the combat sychronisation feature in the game currently.

Graphics and sound

Disregarding all the severe combat in the game, King of Defense: Battle Frontier, in my opinion, is quite amusing. The army of Orc is large and muscular but has a harsh form, quite dumb. And the dwarf kingdom heroes are as cute as ever. The top-down point of view not just makes it easier to observe the circumstance but also makes the Orcs’ clumsiness and the cute dwarfs’ cuteness more charming. It also has a Plus in an extremely computer animated color design. The battlefield is a vibrant and cheerful picture, without the feeling of gore, or thickness at all.

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But, the more you play, the more you’ll see the madness of the producer team. The kingdom you’re protecting isn’t just a stiff stronghold but also a variety of various surfaces. The battle can occur in a barren desert, a dark woodland, or a fatal icy land. And in each of these various scenes, the dwarves and the evil Orcs are “clothed” in style and appropriate for the environment. For instance, you can see a big, ugly beast walking in the desert to cool down the heat… Haha! Such a scene is indescribable funny!

The sound is light, not too remarkable, mainly to emphasize the impacts of important occasions such as when assembling turrets or shooting greatly at Orc bosses… The rest is quite peaceful for players to concentrate on the strategy.

MOD APK version of King of Defense: Battle Frontier

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Crystals

Download King of Defense: Battle Frontier MOD APK for Android

It’s a perfect game with beautiful, varied kinds of tower defense, quality weapons, and the surface being constantly changed. The more soldiers we have, the more plentiful the enemies are. The shades are very attractive and joyful. Do you want to play a tower defense that’s completely entertaining and humorous? Please enter the globe of King of Defense: Battle Frontier.



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