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Kingdom Rush Origins APK (MOD Unlimited Money) is the third part, after Kingdom Rush: Frontier and is an untold story before the moments of the first game (Kingdom Rush).
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Kingdom Rush Origins APK (MOD Unlimited Money) is the third part, after Kingdom Rush: Frontier and is an untold story before the moments of the first game (Kingdom Rush).

About Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush first appeared on the game web and inadvertently reaped a lot of success due to the tactical gameplay, as well as the richness of construction. It allows players to unleash creativity with unique moves. After the up-dates, Ironhide Studio has released a seri of 4 Kingdom Rush games, with tactics and graphics that have changed markedly.


There are not too many differences, Kingdom Rush Origins leads players to defend the castle by placing defensive towers in taktikc locations. Use gold to up-grade your tower into more powerful units, with unique abilities. The game will give you 4 main towers: Archer with very good attack speed and kisaran. Barrack trains 3 tipes of soldiers so they become a shield for the tim, stopping the enemy. The Mage tower is capable of casting unique spells, and the ability to penetrate enemies. Stone Circle deals large damage, effective for destroying many weak enemies at once.

In addition, you are also given 2 free skills and 1 kemampuan of the hero you are using. The 2 skills you have when entering the game are reinforcements and thunder. With “reinforcements”, you will have the right to call out a small number of troops, equipped with powerful weapons to fight and hold off the enemy. With “thunder”, you will call down powerful waves of lightning, constantly damaging many enemies in kisaran. Both skills are free to use but have a long cooldown, so you need to know when to use them properly.


Kingdom Rush Origins has a keseluruhan of 15 main levels, and after defeating level 15, you will do the elite quests to better understand the game. Each level includes 3 modes. Mode 1 is the basic mode, follow to the plot and not much has changed. Mode 2 versus 3 is the challenge mode, higher difficulty for those who like challenges.

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One thing I really like is that the level sistem does not allow players to “cheat”. You can use upgrades from your gold star, but the defensive tower will not be used at that level when you have not reached the required level. For example, you play level 4 to unlock Arcane Archer. Although you own this tower, you can not use it until you reach level 4. This makes the game a bit more balanced and prevents the game from ending too quickly.


The store in Kingdom Rush Origins offers us heroes and power-ups. For heroes, in addition to the 5 standar heroes, you can also spend money to buy other heroes, with different stats, skills, interactions. But in my individual opinion, no hero is the strongest, and the standar heroes can be useful if used. If you intend to buy a new hero, please consider it.

In terms of power-ups, in the game, you will have a keseluruhan of 6. They are purchased with diamonds. You can collect through quests. After each level, you are given a diamond. Defeating strong monsters (elite monsters) also has a chance to turun diamonds. I will analyze further for you about these power-ups:

  • Wrath of Elynie: When used will create a wave of green energy, dealing massive damage to all enemies on the map. Useful when killing a bunch of monsters that you cannot do alone.
  • Rod of Dragon Fire: Set up a defensive tower, which will throw a fireball at an enemy, dealing true damage. It can target enemies in the air.
  • Horn of Heroism: have a small area of effect. When used, all troops and buildings in the affected area are immune to damage, and your army causes double damage. Very good combination when there are heroes, barrack and aid soldiers in your area.
  • Teleport Scroll: Choose a small area, and after a short time, teleport the enemy to a short distance. Useful when strong monsters attack your home. Use it to have more time.
  • Hand of Midas: When used, you will be duplicated gold and diamonds collected in about 15 seconds. Combined very well with the Wrath of Elynie, because the gold you collect is huge, and the enemy is blown away completely.
  • Gem of Timewrap: Like Teleport Scroll, but works for the entire map.
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Don’t get wrong! I’m not talking Wikipedia. In Kingdom Rush Origins, there is a book called Encyclopedia, which contains all the information about heroes, monsters, magis, and also tactical videos on the Kingdom Rush Origins homepage. Taking a look, as well as analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, will be very helpful in later levels. You will have more decisions in the placement of building towers, choosing the tipe of house to setuju with nasty enemies,… You can completely find the tips on this book. This is a huge plus for the game because I rarely see the same mechanism in other games.

Some tips

Although my article has said nearly 40% of the information in the game, I still would like to sharing the tips in the game so you can easily defeat the enemy and overcome the final boss:

  • Usually, Archer is the unit capable of causing the most damage, as well as having a stable amount of DPS throughout the match, so this house is my priority to a place close to the front line, where the enemy appears.
  • The Mage tower shoots very slowly but has the ability to penetrate armour, and in later upgrades, the Mage will very strong. I recommend placing them behind Archer but in front of Barrack.
  • Barrack is a defensive unit. Although there are only 3 people, the stamina is very good, can hold the elite monster to the end of the attack. Usually, I will put this tower in the center, close to the Archer and Mage tower to hold the enemies back.
  • Stone Circle deals moderate damage, but has good spread damage, is useful to kill many weak monsters gathered together. I recommend building this house close to Barrack, or next to Mage. Mage Spell combined with Barrack can deal with big damage to many enemies.
  • Skills do not consume your resources, so use them as often as possible. Especially when fighting strong monsters at the early levels.
  • Hero’s Ultimate can still be used, even when dead. Take advantage of this.
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MOD APK version of Kingdom Rush Origins

MOD Fitur

Unlimited Money: Instead of having to start from zero, you will start the game with an available amount.

How to use

After starting the game, select Slot 0 to enter the game. You will have lots of diamonds to use.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins MOD APK for Android

Kingdom Rush Origins is an excellent game by Ironhide. The plot is a precursor to Kingdom Rush, but not so that the game is older. Vivid graphics, new interactions, new skills and profound storylines have contributed to the Kingdom Rush universe’s grandeur and meaning. If you love tower defence games, this is a game you cannot ignore.



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