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This super-simplistic Neony icon pack with linear theme over 6000+ icons, It's one of the freshest icon packs you could think of.
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Jan 10, 2023
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LineX Icon Pack APK is the best-rated icon pack of 2019, giving your smartphone a completely new, modern, and minimalistic appearance.

Introduce about LineX Icon Pack

I have a couple of friends that gather icon packs all day. They share continuously, every time they find something good, they shout loud. At that time, it was so amusing, and I thought that “What the heck are they so excited about, it is simply icons”.

Until one day, my enthusiast said: “Let me share with you this beautiful icon set, you should try it”. Alright. I installed it and after that left it for some time. When a work call was available in, I transformed on the phone to pay attention and immediately shouted out loud: “What occurred with my phone? Why is this so beautiful?”.

Thanks for visiting the globe of icon packs. From that minute, I comprehended why many of my friends were so addicted to these smartphone icon sets. Well, let me inform you my sensations and experiences with it!

Why do you need to change an icon pack for your phone?

Life has plenty of new points. And just one way for us to never ever fall back is to submerse ourselves in those new points. Refreshing your phone, from the home screen to the information screen and every little logo design, is the easiest and most practical way for you to refresh your own life and produce a small but incredibly interesting change.

Choosing and using a specific icon pack is also a way for you to express your visual and style sense. Let me give you an instance. You are doing innovative work, but your smartphone appearances boring. It is much like when you unpack from package, absolutely nothing new, second best, absolutely nothing interesting, after that looking at it’s also rather boring. It is not the just point to judge your style, but it is something that can lower your creativity score a little bit.

Changing an icon pack is also a good way to refresh your phone without the need to disrupt the software or external situation. But the effect it brings is great because an icon pack will completely change the display user interface of a phone.

Exist icon pack suggestions for you?

Since I first used the icon pack passively, I have changed it for 3-4 generations. Finally, I returned to the initial set which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful set I’ve ever known: LineX Icon Pack.

LineX Icon Pack is a set of Neon-style icons. If you have actually the same minimalistic preference as me, you should try this set. All icons in the LineX Icon Pack are comprised of simple straight lines (and sometimes curves), with a unique gradient color design. The feeling of looking at it’s both classic and advanced, such as the mechanical framework in the fiction movies we often watch. In my opinion, this design style will never ever be outdated. In LineX Icon Pack, there are greater than 4800 various icons and countless top quality histories, which suffices to produce a variety of abundant, various user interfaces for your mobile device.

How to say. It not just is a typical uniqueness but also gives me the feeling of holding something very beautiful in my hand. Each symbol that shows up before me is a fine-tuned, artistic work of art that combines modern and future. Have you listened to the saying “The simpler the more various”? The significance of simpleness exists in this great icon set.

And the number doesn’t quit at 4800 icons since currently but will increase a lot more soon. So that every time you download or upgrade any application on your phone, the icon of that application can immediately transform right into this interesting Neon style.

When using LineX Icon Pack to reset all icons on your phone, you can freely customize the size of the icon from 100% to up to 120%. There’s a sneak peek setting for you to easily modify. Additionally, it also supports you with the vibrant schedule so you can easily monitor the present time. And it has a panel to layout and display icons on the phone. How you change or customize depends on you.

Already, this application has greater than 5,000 downloads (information from Google Play), is it enough to show how warm and popular it’s?

Is it easy to install LineX Icon Pack?

It’s very easy, everyone, just like other mobile applications that you often install.

  1. Step 1: Install Theme Launcher to be supported
  2. Step 2: Open LineX Icon Pack, go to Apply and select Run to apply.

Note: you must have the appropriate Launcher to use it. If you don’t have it, install it before using this icon set.

Here is the list of Launchers that support LineX Icon Pack:

  • ADW Launcher
  • Apex Launcher
  • Atom Launcher
  • Aviate Launcher
  • CM Theme Engine
  • GO Launcher
  • Holo Launcher
  • Holo HD Launcher
  • LG Home
  • Lucid Launcher
  • M Launcher
  • mini Launcher
  • Next Launcher
  • Nougat Launcher
  • Nova Launcher (recommended)
  • Smart Launcher
  • Solo Launcher
  • V Launcher
  • ZenUI Launcher
  • Zero Launcher
  • ABC Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • L Launcher

Download LineX Icon Pack APK free for Android

Throughout use, if you discover that an icon isn’t in the icon list and is various from the others, you can take a screenshot and send out it immediately to the developer’s support e-mail at [email protected]


What's new

• 15+ New Most Requested Icons (Total 6000+)
• New & Updated Activities
• We are Excited to announce that we have crossed 6000+ Themed Icons. Support Further Development by rating this Iconpack in Playstore ♥

• 30 New Icons

• 40 New Icons

• 16 New Icons

• 15 New Icons

• 59 New Icons

• 59 New Icons
• 50+ Icons Redesigned
• 6 KWGT
• 60+ New Walls

• 22 Icons

• 17 Icons

Oct 4.2
• 17 Icons
Initial Release with 3500 Icons