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Lumbercraft MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) gives you the experience of ending up being a woodcutter, striving to build a town in the woodland.
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Lumbercraft MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) gives you the experience of ending up being a woodcutter, striving to build a town in the woodland.

Introduce about Lumbercraft

VOODOO is among one of the most popular game authors on Android. Their items bring unique ideas and gameplay. At the same time, it is easy to play and entertaining, perhaps that is why VOODOO is so popular.

Recently, they have launched Lumbercraft. Although the game wasn’t greatly marketed and advertised, it has countless downloads on Google Play. This article will clear up the gameplay and features of Lumbercraft. Please follow and choose the initial APK or MOD APK files to install on your device if you’re interested.

Cut wood and build your town

Beginning the game, the first point you need to do is build a town. Produce your first buildings such as the clinic, the create, the exchange shop, the woodworking workshop.

Any building is extremely important to the town. One instance is a health clinic where you can buy health rehab containers. The upgrade zone allows you to upgrade weapons, armor, or buildings’ stamina. The lumber mill will automatically produce the wood, also when you are offline. This is considered a easy wood manufacturing place, enabling you to gather at any time.

Wood is the just source in Lumbercraft. It’s used to construct buildings and exchange them for coins. When first played, wood isn’t available. You need to go felling trees about town and collect them. If you don’t feel that cutting wood isn’t efficient, you should upgrade your workshop. Timber is automatically harvested.

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Fight with monsters

Lumbercraft is greater than simply a game of cutting wood, gathering wood, and building buildings for the town. You also need to fight versus monsters to protect your town.

More particularly, Lumbercraft has 2 areas. The first is your town – your home, where you live and expand. Second is the Zone – a harmful area where monsters live. You’ll need to enter the Zone to ruin them continuously. Or else, they’ll attack the town to wreak mayhem.

Your character is equipped with weapons. As you approach monsters, he can automatically attack them. Until the entire wave of monsters is ruined, you’ll pass one Zone and open the entrance prominent to the next Zone.

The problem also increases accordingly. Monsters become more varied. They can obtain stronger and much faster. You need to grasp the abilities to control both attacks and evade to minimize injuries. Keep in mind that you cannot go back to town to buy potions while fighting. If you pass away, you’ll shed all the wood sources you have made and play again that Zone.

Upgrade your character

Upgrades help the character become stronger and have better endurance. By default, the character is equipped with an ax, a shield, or armor. You can upgrade them. Updated guards and axes will change their look. They also have rays of light about when the character attacks an opponent.

Build defensive towers

In truth, regardless of how solid you’re, you cannot win if you fight alone. So, the first point to do when going into the Zone is to build defensive towers. If there’s an absence of wood for this building, move to slice and collect timber. You have about 10 secs to build the tower before the monsters show up.

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Tower protection has 2 kinds, consisting of arrowhead and cannon. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Cannon has greater damage but can just hit opponents at close quarters. Archers can fire further but are weak. To improve these attributes, you can upgrade towers in town.

MOD APK version of Lumbercraft

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Ads

Why do you need the MOD version?

Coins are the main money in Lumbercraft. You just have 2 ways to earn more coins. The first is to exchange wood for coins at the store area. The second is fighting monsters and gathering money they drop. However, the number isn’t a lot. So, we produced this MOD APK version for you to have unlimited money. You can use them to upgrade your personalities, buy potions to restore health, and power up defensive towers.

Download Lumbercraft MOD APK for Android

Such as VOODOO’s previous games, Lumbercraft has a simple, enjoyable, and addicting gameplay. I played for 2 hrs straight the first time, and I didn’t want to put the telephone down. Chances are, you’ll too. Download the game for entertainment currently!

This post is also available in: Indonesian