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Maleficent Free Fall MOD APK takes you on an experience in the colorful globe of Maleficent. Let's complete the unmatched difficulty puzzles!
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April 26, 2021
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Maleficent Free Fall MOD APK takes you on an experience in the colorful globe of Maleficent. Let’s complete the unmatched difficulty puzzles!

Present about Maleficent Free Fall

Maleficent Free Fall is the official Disney game set from the fairy Disney movie of the same name. Players will have the ability to enjoy match-3 puzzle gameplay in a familiar setting, satisfy familiar personalities, and discover countless untold stories. You’ll play the role of a young Maleficent, beginning the difficult trip to assist the witch gain strength and power.

The benefits of Maleficent Free Fall are beautiful computer animated video, multiple levels to experience, and a benefit system for one of the most effective individuals. If you are a follower of Maleficent, this is one of the most entertaining and entertaining approach.

Help Maleficent become one of the most powerful witch

All of us know that Maleficent is an evil witch, solid and has a lot of magic. But before that magnificence, she had a not so marvelous previous, when Maleficent constantly attempted to learn magic in difficulty. And Maleficent Free Fall is set at a time when Maleficent was still a woman examining magic. You’ll play as Maleficent, assisting her learn all kinds of magic to become one of the most powerful dark witch, while protecting the Moors kingdom from dangers.

Maleficent will learn magic as you complete challenges in match 3 puzzles. She can mobilize her crow Diaval for assistance, managing the branches to destroy bricks and use green magic to perform assaults. Strength will slowly develop over time.

The familiar match-3 puzzle gameplay

Maleficent Free Fall features a classic match 3 puzzle gameplay. You’ll attempt to put bricks with each other to destroy them, score factors or perform jobs. Of course, the quests will be provided by the system before. It functions as an objective that you’ll need to overcome in order to open the next level.

When you match multiple bricks at the same time, special impacts and items will show up. They will help you destroy a large quantity of bricks in the area, in any upright or straight paddle. You must apply your ability to observe and judgment in order to earn moves such as that. Because as the level obtains greater, the challenges become harder while your variety of moves is limited.

At the same time, you’ll also lose one life if you lose. Daily, Maleficent Free Fall will give you 5 free lives. You’ll need to delay every thirty minutes for another life. Otherwise, you’ll need to welcome friends and request their help.

Using Maleficent’s magic

Maleficent has some magic. She also continually found out more spells throughout her experience and expedition of Maleficent Free Fall. You can apply these spells for your benefit. For instance, breaking all stones of the same color or following certain rules.

These spells resemble character abilities in role-playing games. They are arranged in the top corner of the rock board, next to the main character Maleficent. To have the ability to use them, you’ll need to gather stones of the same color to renew power. When they’re complete, you can double click the particular magic to use them. This factor is quite advancement compared with the classic match-3 game, Sweet Crush Legend.

Maleficent and untold stories

In truth, Maleficent Free Fall is based upon the manuscript. Although it was looser, you can still enjoy some of Maleficent’s cutscenes.

New content will be unlocked at some special levels. They focus on Maleficent and the occasions she attended in Moors. A lot of fascinating stories are waiting on you!

MOD APK version of Maleficent Free Fall

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Maleficent Free Fall MOD APK for Android

Maleficent Free Fall was inspired by among Disney’s well-known movies – Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. The game features the classic match 3 puzzle aspect. Players will use their reasoning to find a way to match the rocks and make them explode. As Maleficent, you’ll attempt to refix the most difficult puzzles to gain the supreme witchcraft power.



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