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MX Player Pro APK is an amazing movie and video player on Android. The application developed by MX Media & Entertainment (J2 Interactive). Today, I will present to you among the best movie applications that I've ever used.
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MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
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As time goes by, the functions of mobile phones are getting more and more and can replace several other devices. For example, when you want to watch movies or music. Previously it could only be done on a laptop. Currently you can take advantage of mobile applications such as Mx Player Pro APK.

There are many applications that are used to play videos in the Play Store. Starting from a player that can be used for free so that the application must be paid for. All have their own functions although most of them can only be used to play videos with simple quality.

By using the application. You can easily play various types of video files. It can even do various things to the event, including adding or removing subtitles. If you want to use this player application, see the following reviews.

About Mx Player Pro APK

If you want to play videos with very good quality, it is recommended to use the MX Player application. This application can be used to play various types of videos with different formats. All formats can be played like on a PC application.

By using this application you can play videos with very high resolution. Even videos with HD size can be played perfectly. Congratulations, your phone has excellent graphics specifications, quality images can be obtained easily.

Various types of features that are owned by the video can also be played using this player. Simply put, this application has the same function as the application on a computer or laptop. You can maximize anything with a smaller form.

Finally, this application has a very small size so it is perfect for various types of cellphones. Even though it’s a shame you have specifications about it, it can still be used to play videos and provide a more perfect viewing experience.

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Mx Player Pro Features

This application has various types of features that can be used to play with perfect quality. The following are various types of features that can be obtained by users.

1. Hardware Acceleration

This application can be used to perform hardware acceleration so that the visual results are better. The hardware is optimized so there will be no blurry or stuttering images.

Everything can run smoothly so that the experience of watching any type of video becomes more perfect.

2. Multi-core Decoding

With this feature, the use of the device in several concepts becomes better. So you can maximize or save more memory so it won’t make your phone feel heavy or make you slower when you use it.

3. Zoom in Perfectly

You can zoom in and zoom out more easily and the results are perfect. Images are not shattered so they can be viewed better on screens of any size.

4. Kid Lock

This feature is very useful so that children can not carelessly open this application. Moreover, there are films or videos that are not appropriate for their age. Users can use a key such as entering a special code in order to open the application.

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5. Gesture Subtitle

The point of this feature is that you can move the subtitles on the screen. This movement is done to change the location of the subtitles to suit the needs. In addition, you can also adjust the size.

Difference Mx Player Pro APK and Free

There are some differences between the free version of the application and the modified Pro version. Here are some general differences.

MX Player Pro APKMX Player Free
If you want to use it requires a subscription fee or buy a license first unless you use a modified version.Can be used for free. You can download it through the Play Store.
The application will not have annoying ads and there are a lot of them.There are still a lot of ads in the application and it makes you uncomfortable when watching videos online.
All premium features that are owned are wide open and can be used to the fullest by users.The features in the application are very limited and only a few are for viewing videos.
Can be used to open various types of video formats.There is a video format that is not supported or cannot be opened.
Has a lock feature for children or Kid Lock.Kid Lock cannot be used because it is included in the premium features.

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Download MX Player Pro Mod Apk

Downloading the application can be done using the link or link below.

How to Install Mx Pro Player APK Aplikasi

The installation process can be done easily although there are some things that must be considered. Moreover, you want to install the Apk version which is a modified application. Follow all the steps below to perform the installation.

Download the Application and Change HP Settings

The first thing to do during the installation process is to download the app. Next is to change the settings on the cellphone so that you can install APKs from unknown sources. Check out some of the points below.

  • Perform the download process using a mobile browser such as Google Chrome to facilitate the installation process.
  • Use the link or download link provided above.
  • Perform the download process according to the type of hosting. Then wait for the download process to complete.
  • After the download process is complete, you can leave the file first.
  • Next you can open the settings or Settings owned by Android phones.
  • Then open Additional Settings or More.
  • Once inside you can find Security or Privacy .
  • Go into it to open the Install from Unknown Source section.
  • Activate this panel first.
  • Then you are ready to carry out the installation process.

Application Installation Process

The installation process can be done as if you installed the application as usual. Follow the steps below so you don’t experience errors

  • Open the pre-sent APK file . Use the file manager to open it in the downloads folder.
  • After opening it you can press to carry out the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation process to run to completion.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can immediately open the application to try to open the video.

On some phones, the setting process is likely to be different. If you are confused about finding the Install from Unknown Source section, just go through the installation process so that the menu opens automatically.

After it opens automatically you can activate the panel so that the installation process runs. Usually this method only needs to be done once and for subsequent applications, you can directly go through the installation process.

A video player application called MX Pro Player APK can be used to play various types of videos easily. This application supports various types of formats so you don’t have to worry if you have videos with a slightly different format from the others.

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All types of videos that are played have picture and sound quality that follow the original. In addition, you can also add subtitles as needed. So, all kinds of functions of the video player on the computer can be obtained with this application.