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Are you ready to join the survival battle in Omega Legends? Download the APK version of the game and start currently!
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Are you ready to join the survival battle in Omega Legends? Download the APK version of the game and start currently!

Introduce about Omega Legends

Omega Legends is a Battle Royale game, introduced lengthy after games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival. Despite the late launch, that assisted Omega Legends learn more from its precursors to build a unique game on their own.

Battle royale gameplay

It can be seen that Omega Legends’s gameplay is a perfect mix of Fortnite and Apex Legends. This appears from the shooting mechanism and the survival consider the gameplay. Players will change right into a soldier on a move terminal, after that be dropped on a deserted island. Here, players must attempt to survive and ruin 99 various other players, because just one individual is enabled to survive in completion.

In purchase to do that, players will need to control the character moving continuously on the island, moving about structures to collect weapons, shield, ammo and provide items. Items are spread everywhere on the island. Collect all necessary items to survival.

However, do not be captured off protect in this survival game. Enemies are everywhere. Simply a bit overlook, you’ll be eliminated while not understanding what simply happened. To increase the exhilarating feeling for players, the publisher also included a safe zone, which will immediately shrink after a specific time. This factor forces the gamer to move and concentrate on the safe location if they don’t want to shed their life.


The safe zone shiff shrinks quite quickly, so you better use a vehicle to move rather than running. However, players will be more easily detected by enemies by the sound of the vehicle producing. Particularly, Omega Legends has a brand-new mechanism, you can fly by a vehicle called Jetpack. Using this device will help players move from one place to another quickly while the sound is reduced.


Omega Legends has 6 character courses. Each of them has a fighting style and a unique set of abilities. Many thanks to this, the suits became more attractive and dramatic.

However, not all characters are free and available. Players must pay to own them. Besides, you also need to get to some requirements if you want to open some special characters.


Sometimes, players will find fighting alone is lonesome and boring. To more enjoyable, form a group with 2 various other players to assist each various other or also set up a strategy to become the last survival.

On the various other hand, Omega Legends has 2 kinds of modes, consisting of routine and special. Normal modes consist of survival, lightning and deathmatch. They are quite common that you could find in any FPS and TPS game. Players can easily play without undergoing a collection of complex instructions.

With the special setting, the gameplay and the rules have changed a little bit. You can learn it when having fun this game.


Omega Legends designs weapons in the style of science fiction. Therefore, the system equipped in this game is also fairly new. Some typical weapons such as UMP-45, Vector, P90 and bombs, blades and bullets are designed in a special style. Compared with various other games of the same category, Omega Legends is new and has advanced fiction technologies.


While Rules of Survival and PUBG Moblie developed reasonable graphics, Omega Legends developed in the instructions of science fiction. The context we just see in movies about the future is consistently recreated in this game. This is also a unique attraction of Omega Legends. It gives players a feeling of uniqueness, intertwined dramatic.

How to install Omega Legends APK + OBB

  1. Download the Omega Legends APK and OBB files on MODDERAPK.
  2. Extract the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “” to the “Android/obb” folder.
  4. Find the APK file you just downloaded, then install it as usual.

Download Omega Legends APK for Android

Although the theme of this game is not too new in 2020, with the enthusiasm of the publisher SKYUNION, Omega Legends still brings a lot of interesting when you participate in the battle to survive on the island. Now, you can download Omega Legends, join the battle and show your bravery right now!



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