ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) is a role-playing game inspired by the popular manga One Piece, made up by Oda Eiichiro. Sign up with this game currently to gather on your own acquainted characters in One Piece, explore the Grand Line and obtain the treasure of One Piece.
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April 22, 2021
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ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) is a role-playing game inspired by the popular manga One Piece, made up by Oda Eiichiro. Sign up with this game currently to gather on your own acquainted characters in One Piece, explore the Grand Line and obtain the treasure of One Piece.


One Piece is a prominent manga that has attracted individuals worldwide, regularly serialized in Regular Shōnen Jump. The series debuted in the 34th issue on July 19, 1997. The series’ journey is taking place for 23 years and has yet to find to an finish.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, the game takes the plot of the original manga and is built in Turn-Based gameplay. The plot is still continuously upgraded after each update. Therefore, you do not need to wonder if the plot is changed or cut.

You probably currently know that the manga is set in the era of pirates that started when Gol Decoration. Roger, a well-known pirate, was executed. Before he passed away, he said a world-changing sentence, ushering in the era of pirates: “My treasure? If you want to obtain it, most likely to the sea! Find it! I have left everything under the sea!”. It’s this saying that causes everybody to visit the sea wanting to find the One Piece treasure. And that’s the beginning of the tale of the pirate era.


ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is built in an instead complex Turn-Based gameplay. Not simply simply watching the characters fight each various other, but you also need to communicate to deal as a lot damage as feasible.

After your first character hurries to hit the selected target, words “BAM” will show up about the target. When “BAM” shrinks to the crosshair, you need to click the next character to perform Chain Attack. When using a character’s special skill, each character has a various skill, you can also integrate Chain Attack with Special Attack to increase the quantity of damage done.

This is a game that requires you have good timing. And this game is also highly tactical when the characters’ assaults respond to each various other. Counter-boards will show up in every battle when your attack counteracts the opponent’s aspect, it will cause more damage and the other way around, when you’re assaulted will take much less damage.

Build your team

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE has greater than 2000 characters from the well-known One Piece work. You’ll have the ability to satisfy Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Pirate Nami, Robin – Child of the Evil one or Hancook, … With such a a great deal of characters, you feel free to gather your favorite characters.

Your job is using the characters in your collection to form a team of 6. With the variety of characters up to greater than 2000, you can make countless squads and of course, it can be a very solid or very weak schedule.

Will a team of top-tier characters become invincible? That is not real. As I said, this is a strategy game so it requires knowledge in how to build a team to win the fight. You can most likely to the positions and how to build team on some websites and youtube network if you’re a newbie.

Explore the content of each chapter

You’ll follow the plot of Luffy and the first chapter is Romance Dawn. In Foosha town, Luffy was with Red-haired Shanks, which he idolized. That was the individual that made Luffy want to become a pirate and after maturing Luffy went bent on sea and built his own Straw Hat team.

When taking part in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, you’ll follow the story and fight the opponents that Luffy must face. Beginning with Alvida and after that Captain Morgan, The Clown Buggy, … You’ll need to encounter many problems and challenges en route to find One Piece treasure.


The challenger will obtain stronger and stronger and slowly you’ll need to fight the Admiral of the Marines, Yonko, … Therefore, character upgrades are essential for you to loss the opponent easily easier. In identical with the collection of advanced characters, you need to degree for them, increase the stamina with the rune system, … to earn them stronger.


ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE also has limited time events inning accordance with significant vacations. When mosting likely to those events, my advice is to concentrate on it because it will have very attractive presents, perhaps limited characters or also products for you to update your character.


About graphics, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is designed with 3D chibi graphics combined with 2D images. When you most likely to view information of a character, it will display 2D images, but while going into the battle, the character becomes chibi characters. The chibi characters appearance so adorable, the skill computer animations still maintain the coolness of the original series. This is the elegance of the game graphics that BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment gives gamers.


As I said, this is a collectable game, so for you to have a good begin, you should Reroll. You can browse the web to see the Rate List of characters and instructions on building squads, strategies to earn the game easier or simply you want to own your favorite character. Using Android emulator is an ideal technique to assist you Reroll a lot much faster and easier.


MOD features

  • God Mode.
  • High Damge.


I think this is certainly an extremely good and fascinating One Piece game. Everything in the game is great from the gameplay to the graphics. If you’re a follower of the One Piece manga series, you can not disregard this game. Simply download the APK file listed below the article and install it and you can start your journey to find One Piece treasure.