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If you're a follower of the Dark Souls game collection, Pascal's Wager APK is an Android game that you should not disregard. You can download the game for free through the link listed below the article.
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If you’re a follower of the Dark Souls game collection, Pascal’s Wager APK is an Android game that you should not disregard. You can download the game for free through the link listed below the article.

Present about Pascal’s Wager

Have you ever pictured a world without a sun? That happened in Pascal’s Wager, the newest action game launched by Giant Global. The game is anticipated to cause players to briefly forget the Dark Spirit. After the success on the Xbox, PS4 and most recently the version for iOS, this game has finally been launched Android version.

Compared with various other role-playing games of the same category, Pascal’s Wager is highly valued for its extremely detailed and extensive storyline that lasts nearly 20 hrs. Numerous NPCs, illumination impacts, the narrator’s articulate will take you on an unending experience.


“A dark world, a dropped Sun”.

Pascal’s Wager has to do with Colossus, the gods that bring light to everybody. Inning accordance with tale, they appeared when the sun disappeared, bringing eternal darkness to the entire kingdom. Colossus emits light, removes the Haze of the Evening and leads people to find the land of light. To survive in the world of darkness, people must follow the Colossus. Therefore, they are called The Strolling Gods.

The Colossus are spread in various locations. The Colossus of Heggem is close to a mine. People depend on Heggem’s light to live and work. They are waiting on a brand-new movement.

The Colossus of Adamina was compromised after Marred’s assaults. However, his light suffices to protect the survivors from darkness and Sendril.

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However, such as the sun, the Colossus also slowly mysteriously broke down. A postman called Terrence, he shed his cherished wife. Thinking that the missing wife was associated with the fall of the Colossi, Terrence set bent on search for the missing wife, and discover the secrets of this world.


It’s hard to disregard the graphics component of Pascal’s Wager. With detailed 3D graphics, it mimics a dark, chilly and barren world in a really outstanding way. Overall, Giant Global has done a great job with the picture of the Android version. While some impacts do not truly suit, overall, the game still has some unique appeals that you could just find at Pascal’s Wager.

The environment, characters, monsters are all substitute thoroughly and reasonable. You’re immersed in a world of darkness, experience in every step and point of view of the character. Besides, you’ll enjoy the cut scenes with great angles, according to the speed of the game.

The sound

When discussing the sound of Pascal’s Wager, I’m interested in 2 aspects: songs and voiceover.

Regarding the soundtrack, it is indisputable that the publisher has done very well. Sound is also an element that helps the game increase the chilly and bleak. It is successful in prominent feelings to players in various areas and storylines, assisting players feel excited, interested and enjoyed unknown what will occur next.

However, there are many players that grumble about the voices in the game. Sometimes, the voices do not suit the atmosphere and history songs. It makes the overall picture rather strange. You can sympathize with a restricted budget of the publisher. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next variations.

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Despite a detailed and complex storyline, Pascal’s Wager has gameplay that doesn’t have a lot distinction compared with games of the same category. You choose your favorite character, after that fight with the character and explore the remainder of the plot.

The game allows you to use 2 characters in battle, if one character is beat, the various other character can show up and proceed the battle. You can also switch 2 characters whenever you want. This feature gives you versatility in choosing the right strategies for each area.

The console is designed in a stylish way. The publisher attempts to help you fully enjoy the video video of the game, so they have reduced the control keys as long as feasible so it doesn’t take up too a lot space on the screen.

The acquainted control system of the role-playing games. You use the online joystick left wing (hidden) to control the character moving while using abilities such as reducing, moving, obstructing with the keys on the right. Information such as mana and HP is displayed by both bars listed below, rather than over.


Terrence is a knight, the character we mentioned in the plot. He is a postman that was removed from the Church for sins in the previous. Someday, he stumbles after a hint to the failure of Colossus. He set bent on search for the mystery about Colossus, and find his missing wife again.

Viola is a gunner with a weapon. She joins with Terrence after unintentionally saved by him from Sendril. She has an instead mysterious previous regarding the Church. Despite Terrence, she didn’t expose that she truly was.

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Norwood is a mysterious assassin with a mask. Norwood saved Terrence when they were both in Adamina. Despite just one equip, he could easily eliminate any Spoiled.

Benita is a monk that can use magic. She is Terrence’s just friend. She compromised her view to save her friends. For her, it didn’t issue because her world initially had no light.

Fixed License version of Pascal’s Wager APK

Pascal’s Wager is a paid game, and it’s extremely secure. Therefore, you cannot install the game via routine APK files common on the network.

APK version at MODDERAPK has fixed license mistakes, and you can experience this entire game when downloading and install.

How to install Pascal’s Wager

  1. Download the APK and OBB files of Pascal’s Wager.
  2. Unzip the file “”.
  3. Copy the folder “” to “Android/obb” .
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Pascal’s Wager APK for Android

Pascal’s Wager costs $ 3.99 on the Google Play store, but you can download and install it for free on our website. Are you ready to sign up with the trip to find the light, which has disappeared too lengthy in the human kingdom?

This post is also available in: Indonesian