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Please download the MOD APK version of Poweramp Music Player on our website. The full version of the app has been unlocked for free to use.
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Please download the MOD APK version of Poweramp Music Player on our website. The full version of the app has been unlocked for free to use.

Introduce about Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a powerful music player for Android devices. The application concentrates on 3 aspects, consisting of audio editing, user benefit and interface. Therefore, Poweramp Music Player quickly received a great deal of love from everybody, with a total of 4.4/5 celebrities score from greater than 1.4 million reviews on Google Play. For the over factors, if your device does not have a music player, you should download Poweramp Music Player currently for a better experience.

Powerful audio equalizer

For some, they feel that the quality of the initial music does not appear enough to please them. They want to adjust the frequency, bass and treble degrees for a better experience. And the Poweramp Music Player audio equalizer set refixes this problem.

Sound EQUALIZER will help you to adjust the sound thoroughly. The tones and frequencies of all tunes are revealed on the screen. Simply drag up or to see the change.

Besides, you can also adjust Bass and Treble through online keys on the editing screen. Currently you can experience sound simply the way you want.

Filter the content the way you want

The tracks, when imported right into the editor, otherwise organized in an organized manner, will make it challenging to use. It appears the default music player on the device doesn’t meet that. Arranging and keeping files is too weak and doesn’t appear to meet basic needs. Poweramp Music Player is better. It provides options for you to control the list the way you want. Instances consist of sorting by musician, year of launch, time included to the player, or sorting by name based upon the alphabet.

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In addition, Poweramp Music Player also provides various views. You can view your playlist as a compact list (List – compact), grid with small images (Grid Small) or grid with large images (Grid Extra Small).


The first point that people notice the Poweramp Music Player is its interface. Truthfully, this app has an extremely attractive interface. The tracks are nicely arranged on the screen. Audio playback screen integrates frequency and picture. You can also easily browse, filter, or transform content precisely this screen. Besides, the application has many themes for you to the background and user interfaces.

Sound processing tools

Poweramp Music Player is a flexible player. Not just mp3, but the app also supports having fun various other files with much less popular styles such as opus, tak, mak or dsf/dff.

In addition, Poweramp Music Player also supports producing Tempo effects and Reverb. The 64-bit audio cpu immediately spots the frequencies, after that creates coordinating Tempo effects and Reverb.

What is Poweramp Full Version Unlocker?

Poweramp Music Player is launched free for Android. However, the default version just gives you a free test full-featured 15-day experience. And to open the full version you need to purchase a premium prepare for almost $ 4. Although the cost isn’t too high, some people don’t have a credit rating card to earn the deal. And we have produced the MOD APK version of the app. You simply need to download the APK file, install it on your device inning accordance with our instructions and you can use it totally free.

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MOD APK version of Poweramp Music Player

MOD feature

Full Version Unlocked

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Don’t worry. Please resume the application.

Download Poweramp Music Player MOD APK for Android

Poweramp Music Player is a powerful music player that you should carry your Android device. This application helps you to control sounds the way you want to pay attention. Additionally, the equalizer (Equalizer) will help make the sound play more stable, without being timid or shedding sound when you play music at high quantity.

Also, in the newest version of Poweramp Music Player, the Visualizer feature was presented. It helps you to adjust music when you play in background. Of course, you can also set up this feature to fit your needs. You can see details of Visualizer, Appearance and Feel, Headset/Bluetooth features, Poweramp Secure Screen and Misc in setups.


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