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Sleep as Android MOD APK is the best sleep tracker and alarm app you can download for your Android phone. The app costs $ 4.99 on Msn and yahoo Play. If you want to use this app for free, please download it via the links listed below the article.
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Sleep as Android MOD APK is the best sleep tracker and alarm app you can download for your Android phone. The app costs $ 4.99 on Msn and yahoo Play. If you want to use this app for free, please download it via the links listed below the article.

Introduce about Sleep as Android

What is Sleep as Android?

Sleep as Android is an app in health category launched by Urbandroid. This smart application helps to track and improve users’ sleep, adding to improving the health and spirit of everybody.

You know, inning accordance with science, an individual needs 7 to 8 hrs of sleep to maintain health stable and psychological. But work stress makes it difficult to fall asleep at night, leading to mediocre quality sleep, lack of sleep, and easy to wake up at night. When you wake up in the morning, you feel sleepy, lack of awareness and focus, leading to decreased quality of work. In addition to that the health slowly becomes unsteady. So, Sleep as Android is here to assist you control your sleep.

How does Sleep as Android work?

The app will analyze your sleep, based on the great sensing unit on the mobile phone. Your movement and taking a breath rate belong to the quality of your sleep. No need for assistive devices or smart views, users simply need to place the phone next to their body and start to sleep.

The timing of the alarm is also important in the quality of sleep. Sleep as Android works such as an alarm app on a mobile phone. If you’re in a deep sleep, the app will not wake you up instantly but wait on the right minute. Of course, you do not need to worry about wake up late either, as the app will wake you up before the time you set your alarm.

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In terms of use, you use Sleep as Android as the default alarm app. You set the alarm time, after that the app will wake you up in time. In Label Sleep Core, you can track sleep metrics such as sleep period, deepness of sleep, snoring, and abnormalities.

Do not forget to turn off WIFI when using Sleep as Android!

Since you need to maintain your phone shut for your body when using Sleep as Android, you should turn off WIFI to improve your sleep. Science also suggests that individuals should not put the phone close to the body, because the waves produced from mobile phone will affect your nerves, making your sleep affected. Besides, if we have a WIFI, we often have the practice of reading the information and watching social media before resting, making it harder for us to sleep. So please turn off all WIFI, radio, music.

Some outstanding features

Sleep graph

Sleep as Android resembles your individual doctor, constantly protecting your sleep while you’re deep asleep. The application evaluates your sleep quality based on sensing units, resonance, heart rate, thereby giving you statistics, helping you understand your sleep condition and know how to improve sleep.

Record snoring

Sleep as Android documents greater than 600 snores to spot your snore. If it spots a snore, the application will record it so you can listen to your snore again the next morning. You know, your snoring can disrupt those about you. The application will produce a shaking effect if your snoring is too loud, helping you to quit snoring without surprising and waking you up.

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Alarm sound

Set an alarm tone with your favorite music. Sleep as Android’s integrated music store also has a great deal of classic music for you to choose from.

Music helps you fall asleep

If you find it difficult to sleep, pay attention to the harmonic music drawn from nature such as the sound of the wind, the sound of waves, the birds singing to relax and relax your mind, thereby helping you to fall asleep sleep quickly.

Smart alarm

Besides intelligently choosing the alarm time, Sleep as Android has a feature to prevent you from dropping asleep after shutting off the alarm. The app asks you to turn off the alarm with captcha codes, QR codes, mathematics, refixing challenges rather than swiping or touching. This feature maintains you awake and ready for the day.

Connect with some smart devices

You can connect Sleep as Android to some smart Android devices such as Android wear or Stone to earn this app information more accurate.

MOD APK version of Sleep as Android

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All the Premium features are unlocked.

Should you use Sleep as Android Premium?

Sleep as Android gives you a couple of advanced features when you spend for a Premium plan. You can track more information about your sleep, and the app has no advertisements displayed on the screen. The application allows you to try it for 2 week before deciding to restore. If you want to download and use Sleep as Android Premium for free, please choose the MOD APK version of MODDERAPK.

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Download Sleep as Android MOD APK for Android

Besides the excellent features to assist you control your sleep, Sleep as Android offers many useful tips for you to improve sleep quality. This application is developed with the aim of helping users to have a healthy and balanced and clinical life, helping them feel comfy to start a brand-new day with many new points.

This post is also available in: Indonesian