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Download Speedtest Premium MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) to measure the speed of your network and experience the paid features of this app for free.
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Download Speedtest Premium MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) to measure the speed of your network and experience the paid features of this app for free.

Introduce about Speedtest

While browsing the web and having fun games, you often encounter unexpected problems such as the browser cannot load a Youtube video clip or the speed of downloading and install files is too slow. When experiencing that circumstance, you usually reset the router or network plan you’re using, but still, the problem isn’t fixed? Please check your internet connection speed with Speedtest. This amazing app will help you to test your internet speed. By doing this, you can inform your network provider if the connection isn’t truly stable.

Presently, the application is relied on and used by numerous countless users worldwide.

Check internet connection in 1 second

In the previous, when smartphones weren’t popular, Speedtest was simply a web application system that assisted users using computer systems to measure network speed. Now, with the development of smartphones and the needs of users, the version of Speedtest application for Android is launched totally free.

Right after beginning the application, on the screen appeared a circle icon flashes, circling words “GO”. You simply need to touch this icon to begin testing the network speed. The application after that related to the network package you’re using, showing a meter with a blue (or purple) histogram.

These lines stand for transformation. If there are few changes in the transmission line, it will be through a straight straight line, indicating a stable connection.

Together with that’s the parameters of upload speed and download. Based upon these 2 parameters, you can decide whether to download, or upload a large file or otherwise?

Speedtest has a worldwide network of web servers. They are spread everywhere, with the purpose of connecting and returning results to users as quickly as feasible. Moreover, after years of procedure, the precision of the application has also improved often times. You can totally trust the parameters Speedtest tests for you. Thus, you can contrast this real speed with the carrier’s package, see if they are cheating or having actually a connection problem.

Additionally, Speedtest also provides information about the network you’re connected to. You can rate this provider straight through the outcome user interface returned by the application. It is practical, right?

Security, free and fast VPN

Not just is the network speed measurement app, Speedtest is also known as a VPN application, allowing everybody to browse independently. Sometimes, you head out and use public cordless links. That’s quite harmful because cyberpunks can take benefit of the lax security of public internet service companies to steal information. But if you turn on VPN Speedtest, that worry appears to be removed.

Additionally, Speedtest is very considerate of user privacy. They’ll not gather information or browsing history when you turn on the VPN for their own benefit.

You should also keep in mind that, when you turn on VPN Speedtest and perform a network speed test, the application will check through the VPN, not the direct connection.

For Premium plan users, they can choose an area when using the VPN. With the reduced geographical range, your internet access speed becomes more ideal and much faster.

Results history

The results of each measurement will be conserved in Results. Here, there’s information about the kind of network being used (3G, 4G, LTE or LAN, WIFI), measurement time, download speed, upload speed, Interior IP, External address, ect.

Many thanks to this history, you can obtain a better overview of the internet speed test, and how it changes over time. If they are not stable, sometimes very reduced, sometimes very high, you can reconsider whether you should proceed to use your internet package.

MOD APK version of Speedtest

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: Open the VPN Premium feature. You can use VPN with a greater speed, allowing access to many various locations.

Download Speedtest Premium MOD APK for Android

Speedtest is a useful application that helps you to test your network speed quickly and accurately. It can give an overview of the connection speed being used, or also the network speed of each application operating on your device.