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A chase was never ever so interesting such as that until I played Subway Surfers MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Simply a chase in between the Inspector and the naughty girls, the boy suffices for Kiloo Games to bring us a great game.
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A chase was never ever so interesting such as that until I played Subway Surfers MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Simply a chase in between the Inspector and the naughty girls, the boy suffices for Kiloo Games to bring us a great game.

Presenting Subway Surfers

Needless to say a lot about this game. Subway Surfers can be considered among the best “endless operating game” in mobile video pc gaming background. An easy way to discuss this game is when it has a gameplay design just like Temple Run 2, but outstanding graphics and a hold of special features make your experience more pleasurable in a variety of ways.

A chase on the rails

Unlike various other endless-run games, Subway Surfers has a fascinating story. Someday, Jake – a naughty boy graffiti painted on the educate car. However, he is unfortunate. The relentless Inspector found him and chased him with a baton in his hand. The inspector wasn’t pleasant, determined to capture him to instruct him a lesson. Ever since the chase has started…


The gameplay of Subway Surfers isn’t complicated. You need to run nonstop along the railway tracks, constantly progressing, skilfully avoiding obstacles on the rails and oncoming educates. You can control Jake to jump (swipe up), roll (swipe down) and transform left or right (swipe left or right).

The first time, you’ll think that this game has no deepness, just a repeated play. However, you’ll need to reconsider after playing this game. After playing once, you’ll definitely want to play next time so that you don’t make the same mistakes. Quickly, you’ll fall in “love” with Subway Surfers. Progressively, the game will accelerate triggering you to have more problem managing the character. Your reflexes and skill will help you win this game. Once you get to the record score, the system will conserve and you can contend on the graph with your friends. Inform them that is the best in Subway Surfer!

Support items

During the game, many support items will appear. They are:

  • Jetpack: Help Jake temporarily fly up and collect coins in the sky for a period of time. You will not encounter any obstacles during this time.
  • Coin Magnet: Magnets help you suck the coins around without directly picking it up.
  • Sneakers: Run faster and jump higher. However, you must be careful because the jump is too easy to collide with other obstacles.
  • Multiplier: Gain more points.
  • Hoverboard: Thing that helps you move smoother. In particular, during your use, your character will be protected from fall, obstacle collisions for 30 seconds. Take advantage of this feature to have a better chance of surviving.

You can use coins to upgrade the effect of the items. Also, do not forget to collect mysterious chests to get the key or a large number of coins.

Many funny characters

Your main objective when playing Subway Surfers is to collect as many coins as feasible to unlock the characters. The first character to go along with you is Jake. You can instantly unlock Dino dinosaurs free of charge after logging in for your Twitter and google account, and you’ll also receive additional coins and keys. Some of the characters you can not unlock with coins, you need to open mysterious chests, after that get special items in a fortunate way. For instance, to unlock Fresh, you need to invest 50 radio. Believe me! After opening the enjoyable girls and boys, you’ll feel very happy.

Travel to major cities about the world

Subway Surfers is carefully curated in terms of graphics. The design of the game is based upon an extremely beautiful 3D system, real. Bright, colorful history gives endless inspiration to the players. Particularly, after an update, the whole game from the character, hoverboard, and landscape is changed to a celebration in a city about the world. You’ll be introduced to the society of many various nations, taking a trip on your telephone.

The colors in the game are much more vivid when you unlock paint spray rockets, hover over rails and leave behind a rainbow of colors with the leading colors.

New update in Subway Surfers

Version 2.14.4

  • World Tour journey back to Oxford
  • New outfits and characters

Version 2.14.0

  • World Tour journey back to New York
  • New characters Lana and Darry
  • New event

Version 2.13.5

  • Continuing to improve the new features introduced in version 2.13.3

MOD APK version of Subway Surfers

Easy enough for beginners, but hard enough to challenge skilled players. This game is no lack of challenges, whether you play alone or participate in regular challenges. To earn the game much less challenging, you might need our MOD version.

MOD Features

Unlimited Money: Both main moneys in the game, Gold Coins and Keys, are provided unlimited as quickly as you open the game. Buy what you need for your journey.

Unlocked All Characters: Play any character you such as.

Download Subway Surfers MOD APK for Android

Undeniably Subway Surfers is among the “endless run” games that have reached record varieties of players about the world. That’s enough to say the appeal of this game. You can download the game via the links listed below the article. Remember, never ever stumble!



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