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This article presents Temp Mail, its features, and the benefits it can bring. At the same time, we also provide a MOD APK version for you to download and use.
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This article presents Temp Mail, its features, and the benefits it can bring. At the same time, we also provide a MOD APK version for you to download and use.

Introduce about Temp Mail

Nowadays, email services are used a lot in work and life. You also regularly communicate and chat with various other people through the email system. However, some special job needs make you constantly need to create various email accounts and appear to just use it a couple of times. If you have actually to normally create an account, it will take you a lot of time and initiative, which can affect your efficiency. Temp Mail is the service for you. The application helps you to produce emails without undergoing the verification process. Your identity is also completely hidden and you don’t need to receive undesirable spam mails.

Application that helps you to create temporary emails

As mentioned, Temp Mail is an application that supports temporary email creation. Words “temporary” here means that you could quickly create mail accounts, after that delete them and information with simply one click.

How to create a temporary email account? All you need to do is begin the Temp Mail application. An account with a random address will be offered for you to use. In situation you use the free version, the email address is random. If you use the paid version, you can modify the email address as preferred.

Additionally, if you want to delete the current temporary email to create a brand-new email, you simply need to push the “change” switch. The old email will be deleted. Of course, information, attachments, old mailboxes, or any related information will also be deleted. This process is fast and doesn’t require any verification.

However, you should keep in mind that a deleted email cannot be recuperated. Also, you can just delete and create limited new emails each day if you are on the free version.

Should you use Temp Mail?

Why should we not use Temp Mail when it brings great benefits and services? Temp Mail helps users stay anonymous and deletes and quickly produces new emails for users that want to remain anonymous to send out mail to their friends and customers.

Temp Mail temp emails do the same point and function as routine emails, such as Google Mail or Microsoft Mail. You can receive files, view them straight or download them for your device with Temp Mail.

The application also allows you customize notifications. You can transform on notifications when a message shows up and instantly react for your companion.

Besides, Temp Mail is particularly loved for its ability to filter emails. You will not need to deal with too many marketing emails or spam any longer. All mails are inspected and moderated before being sent out for your inbox. Consequently, you will not waste time or face fraud issues.

What’s more in the premium version of Temp Mail?

For most people, the free version of Temp Mail should be enough. However some people that use temporary email more often, want to enjoy premium features for included benefit, they can use the paid version that the designer offers. Particularly, the premium package offers the following services:

  • Custom Email Name: the prefix before the @ symbol can be customized. Of course, the email must be ensured not to coincide with any other email.
  • Premium Domains: you can customize the domain name with special names instead of individual domains.
  • Fill out forms automatically.
  • Large email storage capacity: in the free version, storage is limited. Therefore, you may miss emails containing important attachments.
  • No ads: ads are removed completely. You can create unlimited new emails without watching ad videos.

Temp Mail offers a three-day trial duration. Of course, this trial process requires identity verification and payment technique. Premium plan has 3 plans (plans) by week, 1 month, or 3 months. They are valued at $ 3.21, $ 8.68, and $ 21.43, specifically. The much longer you restore, the more rewards you’ll receive.

MOD APK version of Temp Mail

MOD feature

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Download Temp Mail MOD APK for Android

Temporary email creation solution is expanding because of business needs or individual information security issues. If you’re an individual that has faced problems with spam or excessive marketing, you’ll need Temp Mail. Download the application to use the services currently!


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