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TikTok ist deine globale Video-Community für kurze und unterhaltsame Videos. Die Inhalte sind dabei auf dich zugeschnitten: Lass dich von spannenden Storys unterhalten, lerne fürs Leben und entdecke neue Talente in dir.
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Nov 22, 2022
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Tiktok Mod APK – Tiktok is one of the most widely used social media applications today. Millions of people use it to share various types of videos. Unfortunately this app still has a lot of annoying ads. That’s why some people use Tiktok Mod APK.

This application is used to make it easier to see the various types of content on Tiktok. You will not encounter various types of ads that are very annoying. In fact, you are also facilitated when you will save various types of interesting videos.

The Tiktok application is used by millions of people around the world, including in Indonesia. This application has become very interesting and liked because it can be used to display various types of short videos. It can even be used to create a kind of tutorial.

Tiktok Mod APK Review

Tiktok also often provides various types of interesting dances. The trends here vary from singing, dancing, to using certain sounds to display various types of gimmick or interesting movements.

Unfortunately the standard version of Tiktok has a lot of ads in it. While watching a video and changing it, ads appear so often that some people find it very annoying. Even because they are often disturbed they can immediately close the Tiktok application.

Fortunately, currently there is a modified Tiktok application that can be used to view various types of videos very easily. Ads can be removed or minimized so that when watching various types of videos you will not be fooled by ads that are very similar to VT.

In addition, with the modified application, you can save various types of videos easily. The saved video will not have a watermark so it can be saved and shared on social media. Usually this watermark contains Tiktok writing and also the author.

Features of Tiktok Mod APK

Various types of features of the modified Tiktok application can be obtained or utilized by all users. Here are some excellent features that are highly sought after by the public.

1. Removed Ads

The first feature is to get rid of the ads that are very annoying and often appear when you are viewing various types of VT. Ads will be recognized so that they will not appear even though they are very similar to videos from users.

2. Video Without Watermark

When doing the video storage process you will not get a watermark at all. So if you want to save videos you don’t need to use another downloader application or downloader website.

3. Easy Pause and Resume

You can easily pause and resume videos. So if you are doing other activities, the video can be stopped first for later viewing.

4. More Diverse Visual Effects

The visual effects that this application has are so many that you can make videos with very good quality. This effect can be used for free so you don’t need to feel confused.

The music used on the Tik tok app is mostly copyright free. You can choose your own out of the available music to make a better video.

Difference between Tiktok Mod and Standard

Standard TiktokTiktok Mod APK
The app has quite a lot of ads which are very annoying.The application is free and tied so that you can enjoy various types of videos or VT more comfortably.
All saved videos will have a watermark in them.Saved videos will not have a watermark.
The application is a legal type so it is safe to use.There is still a possibility that the app is causing the problem with the account.
Apps can be updated automatically by using the Play Store.If you want to update you have to wait for the developer to bring up the latest version.

How to Install Tiktok Mod

Installing apps that aren’t officially from the Play Store continues to be a bit of a pain. Moreover, the security system of Android phones is currently very good so that unknown applications will be rejected.

That’s why you have to listen to the method below so that the installation process goes well. Besides that, you can also directly use Tiktok for various needs without any disturbance at all.

Download App

The first thing to do before carrying out the installation process is to download the APK file from Tiktok. The downloaded file must be the latest version to minimize interference. Check out the method below.

  • Use the link or links from the APK file with the most recent version . If you are lazy to do it, you can directly use the link or link that has been written above.
  • To open it you are advised to use a mobile browser such as Google Chrome to facilitate the installation process.
  • Enter the download link above and follow all the download steps according to the site.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.
  • When finished, it is not recommended that you open the application immediately.
  • Open the File Manager first to check whether the file has been formed perfectly or not.

Changing Phone Settings

The next step before carrying out the installation process is to change the settings on the cellphone. This conversion process must be done 1 time for several times the installation process. Read more below.

  • Open Settings or Settings on the phone first.
  • Then you can search for Security and Privacy .
  • After finding it you can enter to find Install from Unknown Source.
  • If the panel of these settings is still not active, you must activate it first.
  • Once activated, the installation process can be carried out immediately.

Installation Process

Now it’s time to do the installation process or install the application from the previously downloaded APK file.

  • Open the previously added APK file using File Manager and look for the download folder.
  • Once you have found the APK file you can click to start the installation process.
  • After the installation process goes well, you have to wait for it to finish.
  • When finished, you can open the Tiktok application and log in.
  • Once inside you can check by changing different types of videos to see if there are still ads or not.
  • Then you can also check to see if the saved video still uses a watermark or not.

Using Tiktok Mod APK turns out to provide quite a lot of convenience for its users. Moreover, by using this application you will not get various types of fish which are very annoying. So, you can watch videos more comfortably.

This application will also allow you to save various types of videos without any watermark at all. So far, videos downloaded using the TikTok application have a watermark so they are quite annoying when shared on social media.

Simply using this modified application, you don’t need to do a complicated download process. For example, by using certain applications or downloaders so that videos from Tiktok can be saved without any frills from the owner.



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