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Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK is a strategy simulation game from Tapps Games (Brazil) designer. Playing the game, you'll have the opportunity to change right into a Vlogger, step by step building your Youtube channel right into an effective realm.
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Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK is a strategy simulation game from Tapps Games (Brazil) designer. Playing the game, you’ll have the opportunity to change right into a Vlogger, step by step building your Youtube channel right into an effective realm.

Vlogger Go Viral: Play while learning how to become a famous Vlogger

An appealing topic both in real life and games

Vlogger is a profession that’s no stranger to Gen Y and Gen Alpha generations. Admiring the huge Youtube channels with numerous thousands of Vloggers blooming in all areas and markets, do you want to become a vlogger in the future? And before you make your dream come true, you should also once attempt to experience the whole process of a true Vlogger. To see if I truly in shape and stick for a lengthy time with this interesting job?

I want to present to you the strategy simulation game Vlogger Go Viral. You’ll be playing the role of a Vlogger, going from no to building your own Youtube channel, and in many ways to bring each of your vlog better to the target market, step by step improving the degree of your abilities to obtain many views, many favorable comments, and a lot love from followers. Let’s see how to Vlogger Go Viral play, and what this simulation game will bring you.

How to play Vlogger Go Viral?

Your guide is a small firefly called Internet Fairy. Simply follow the instructions of this Fairy, you’ll in transform undergo the steps: create a name for the Vlog channel (think carefully in situation you become famous, the name should be easy to keep in mind). After that, you choose your video topic, record a video and finally release it on Youtube.

Within a couple of secs, you instantly see the results instantly, depending upon your choice whether the Trendiness of the video is high or reduced. It also determines the number of viewers. In this game, the number of Views is your “score”.

Every time you make a video and after that release it, you’ll have more views. The more factors, the ability to buy more Workshop Devices, both making the video process much faster and assisting the video get to target markets better (by advertising strategies, posters).

Sometimes, you obtain the game “awarded” for a couple of mugs of coffee, assisting you increase your health and wellness and power to work much faster and more efficiently. And of course, the number of views has also enhanced significantly. Take benefit of these power coffees.

Besides, you also need to regularly manage your channel. Not just watch, statistically, team videos by topic, but you also need to communicate with your followers: click such as, love comments, or reply to comments. All these little activities obtain you factors.

Daily, your life resembles a loophole, consisting of making videos, publishing, drinking coffee, reply comment … This loophole appears endless, but you’ll in transform open many new devices for work. Perhaps, you currently know the prices of digital items such as video cams, camcorders, computer system elements … These are not inexpensive.

For instance, Poster, an effective advertising tool for your channel. With it, you’ll find on your own showing up in a lot of media, the number of views and comments increase significantly. Proceed to communicate, reply comments and you’ll quickly become a famous Vlogger in the nation. When you get to a specific degree, the game will bring you a collection of valuable benefits such as updating the whole PC system to increase the video making speed by up to 30 times, updating all workshop props to increase the aesthetics and efficiency…

When it comes to the reward, one of the most valuable items are the purple diamonds. Having actually this ruby in your hand, you’ll have many benefits and the ability to win the gold button, the ruby button of Youtube.

Gameplay is simple but depth

The profits of Vlogger Go Viral, which is also the attraction is the way you make strategic choices. Such as when you have enough money, should you choose tool A or B? Or when you have diamonds, should you use it for promo or update your PC to earn video better? With each option will bring you to various results, and of course, how fast or slow the progress depends on each of these strategic moves.

What will you learn from the game?

First, Vlogger Go Viral with easy-to-understand gameplay will be an effective way to eliminate still time without shedding your mind. Simply simply touch, choose what you want and wait on the results.

What do you learn through this game? By filling your free time while playing while playing, you can also understand the entire process of ending up being a true Vlogger and the important steps that need to be done to become a “something” with your channel. All this, I do not think you have a possibility to know such details in real life. And from there you’ll recognize you appropriate for this job or otherwise?

Of course, there is constantly a huge space in between real life and in the game. I’m simply discussing channel calling. In the game, you simply kind a couple of letters to finish. But in real life, you’ll need to know how to use Youtube, have an e-mail account and some various other basic knowledge to create a channel. Somethings such as making videos, advertising, and managing channels are a lot more complicated, you know.

Graphics and music are very cute

Besides, Vlogger Go Viral also draws in by cute graphics. The way of moving the character is simple, but smooth, and uncomplicated. Music is appealing, stylish. The collection of themes to earn Vlog is quite abundant, the character incarnations you can choose from the start are also very unique and each character has its own appearance.

MOD APK version of Vlogger Go Viral

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK for Android

In brief, Vlogger Go Viral is a light, cute entertainment game that you also learn many fascinating points while playing. Download this game via the links listed below to develop your own Youtube channel.